Saturday, January 30, 2010


Sorry it has taken so long to post. January has ended up being an unbelievably hectic month and February is looking to be more of the same. January came and brought several doctors appointments. The girls were real troopers and have really grown up here in the last month or so. The girls just had their first snow and they also just had their first pony tails last sunday for church (on top of their heads...I like to call them sprouts).

I think I will take each girl and tell you about what's new.

Reagan - Is cruising the furniture
-can climb the stairs
-looks as if she will need glasses before Cameron does...she is more nearsighted than Cameron. The Optometrist said that both girls will likely have glasses by the time that they start school.
-Had her developmental evaluation at Duke and is at or above her adjusted age in all areas. They called her "Their Little Superstar."
-Says dada, papa, gaga, baba and only when she is crying she will say mama
-has learned how to blow kisses - It is very cute because she knows when to pull it...she will do something she shouldn't or throw a fit and then look at you and blow a kiss. Little stinker :)!

Cameron-is pulling up on everything
-loves to crawl into tight places or on top of things (she can often be found trying to squeeze under or behind furniture)
*Perhaps the biggest thing that has happened with Cameron is that we realized that for quite some time she had not really been cooing or talking. The only time she would make a sound was when she would cry or laugh but she quit vocalizing entirely. We called the ENT and they said they needed to see her immediately. They said that every time she has been there, she has had fluid in her they need to put tubes in as soon as possible. Cameron's appointment is this Tuesday (Feb 2). Since that appointment we went for the girls developmental evaluations at Duke, upon arrival Cameron started running a 102 fever and was diagnosed with an ear infection. She was so miserable that they wouldn't assess her but the amazing thing was that once the antibiotic cleared the fluid our little girl was back. Our house is full of all the wonderful Cameron sounds that had once before gone missing. She squeals, coos, and vocalizes throughout her day. It is so beautiful and we are so hopeful that the tubes will bring about even more development for her.

So, that is about it for our household right now. Aubrey is, as always, a wonderful big sister and doing phenomenally. She loves going to school and has begun to really love fairy tales. Her favorite right now is the 3 Little Pigs. She has also learned the art of story telling and enjoys telling stories for the whole family to hear. She loves being a helper. One of the bittersweet things about Aubrey growing up is that she has begun to call us "Mom and Dad" instead of Mommy and Daddy. But on the plus side, her new favorite thing to do is to snuggle with Mommy at night and get warm from the cold weather.