Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We're Back!

It has been so long since I have been back to the blogger world and I thought I might just do a quick update for those of you that might still be out there reading...if any of you are still there :)  The past year has had so many milestones for our family...Aubrey is potty trained (mostly), Reagan is talking, and both twins are walking and running, and feeding themselves, and fighting, and doing all the kinds of things that two year old twins should do!  Reagan has begun to show interest in going to the bathroom on the potty and we have been successfully using it at least once a day.  Aubrey is really anxious to learn her letters and is quite the musical child.  She loves to live life to song.  When she "reads" a is most often put to music.

The biggest and most pressing thing that we are currently dealing with is Cameron's hearing.  Cameron and her hearing loss has been quite a mystery from the beginning.  She has severe to profound loss in her left ear and moderate severe loss in her right.  We have been told that she should have normal speech with this amount of hearing.  However, she has not been progressing like she should.  So, Cameron has begun going to a special toddler time in a class specifically for hearing impaired children (that either wear hearing aids or have cochlear implants).  We also have begun a more intensive speech therapy session with a speech therapist and have to do daily sessions with her at home.  We are currently under a three month trial to see how much she progresses.  If she does not progress then she may be referred to the cochlear implant team.  There has been some research out there that says that some children to extremely well with only implanting one ear and using a hearing aid in the other.  We have been going to this new program for 4 weeks now...Cameron has been sick for two of them.

We'll keep you posted on how things progress!