Saturday, June 12, 2010

First Vacation with all Five of Us!

We have just gotten back from our first vacation! It was wonderful. The weather was beautiful and we all had a wonderful time! My parents generously offered to allow us to come along with them to Hilton Head, SC. We had never been before and Seth and I found ourselves constantly discussing what a beautiful place it was.

While, we have wonderful beach scenes to share with you and family photos...unfortunately, they are on my dad's camera. So for today I have some pictures of our time at a place called, The Sandbox, in Hilton Head. The kids absolutely loved it there! Aubrey was so excited that this was a place "for kids ONLY! not for adults" and she reminded us of that fact repeatedly. Here are a few photos from the girls time there.

As you glance over the photos...let me just point out that this was a huge breakthrough for my germaphobic issues that still tnd to hang around a bit since our time in the NICU. Allowing the girls to play and crawl and to touch things that other "germy" kids had touched was not easy. But they were having such a great time, I just couldn't tell them no.

All three girls are growing up so quickly.  As far as updates on the girls...Aubrey is officially potty trained...during the day anyway (and most nights).  She is getting ready to turn three in July - I cannot believe it!  The twins are both going to begin speech therapy soon.  They are both using more and more signs.  If I can figure out how to post a video, I am hoping to get that on here soon.  They can sign, please, more, milk, eat.  Reagan is very good at copying signs and is really working on communication as a whole.  She signs readily throughout the day the simple signs that we have taught both of the girls and her new favorite thing to do is to say "um" at varying volumes to mean certain things. Cameron is not as quick to sign but will do it when you make her.  She loves for us to sign hand over hand with her.  Cameron continues to be the hefty eater of all three girls (she can out eat Aubrey at this point) and yet is still a lightweight.  Reagan is walking and Cameron is standing on her own and loves to push toys all around the house.