Saturday, August 29, 2009


Well, I am not sure how many of you are still out there reading...but I thought I would post this anyway just in case! I stand amazed even now at how many people I have run into lately that have told me that they were following the blog...what? These were not necessarily people that we are close personal friends with or have even really seen in the last couple of years. My first reaction is shock (hence the what? that I wrote earlier) and then my second reaction is amazement. I am amazed at how God would bring so many people together to pray for my children, for my family, and for me. I am amazed at the faithfulness of God's people to cry out on our behalf for our children and their precious lives. I am amazed at how encouraged I feel deep down in places that I never knew has been you, all of you, that have increased my faith...not because we have a happy ending (even though I am so thankful that we have) but because I have learned more about God, His Power, His Love, and what it means to belong to His family. I feel more challenged in my walk with the Lord than ever before to be what you have been to me to someone else. So, thank you all. I know it sounds sappy but I just really felt a need to say it and I wanted to do it in one big thank you note. (Sorry I have been so slack about writing the thank yous be honest at some point I lost track of who I had written to and who I haven't.).

Since I am writing I thought I would post a quick update. The girls are going great. We are going through big changes in the Carter house. Aubrey is starting at a new preschool and will only be gone for three mornings a week. The rest of the time, she will be at home with the rest of the girls. Cameron goes on Monday to UNC to her new ENT. The girls are doing some better with their reflux...but to be honest..this changes like the wind. Reagan has begun to eat rice cereal with a spoon and will be working her way to starting with real baby food. The girls are really getting lots of personality - Cameron spunky as ever has decided that her hearing aids are good to chew on and so I have to watch her constantly. The girls really enjoy being with each other. If they get cranky, all I have to do is lay them down next to each other and they love to play with each other, hit or kick each other, roll over onto each other...just the other day I caught Cameron picking Reagan's nose! The girls have decided that sleeping through the night is not for them for now... hopefully they will decide to do so before too long! Cameron had her checkup at Duke for her eyes...her hemorrhage is resolving itself and they will fit her for glasses in January (just in case they said?). I am still trying to imagine hearing aids and glasses together...we will definitely have to make sure that they are color coordinated! Here are a few shots from the last few days at the Carter household.

First two, Reagan - not sure about the rice cereal but definitely loves this whole new toy called a spoon that flies right into her mouth...the natural place for everything to go!

Third- Cameron after having just been caught chewing on her hearing aids and also wondering why Reagan gets to have all the fun with the food...she gets to start soon!

Monday, August 17, 2009

What the Future Holds

Things are busy, busy, busy here at the Carter house. We are beginning speech language services with Cameron - the services are more for Seth and I than Cameron. They are coming to teach us how to teach her. Both girls are growing well and are eating well. We still have lots of reflux issues but compared to what we had a few months ago, they are doing phenomenal. Both girls are rolling over now and we are now working on sitting up.

Reagan now weighs 13.5 pounds and Cameron weighs 11 pounds. It is crazy to stop and think about all their similarities and differences. Right now the girls love to play a game where when it is time to sleep - one will sack out and the other will throw a fit and stay awake. They trade places like that all day! Reagan is the chatterbox who loves to coo sweetly. However, don't let the sweet coos fool you, she is also the one who will scream at the top of her lungs if she is not happy...and if she is, she squeals at the top of her lungs! Cameron is the quiet one but also, don't let the quietness fool you. I have this theory that she is thinking up all sorts of mischevious little plots because even though she is sitting quietly, she is watching and she has this look that just looks like she is up to no good! She, too, has the sweetest coo you have ever heard when she wants to talk. She is also the giggler. Once she gets started, she can't stop and it is so contagious that you are laughing hysterically, too!

Seth and I have been enjoying the freedom of summer and being able to take the girls to church, the store, and occassionally out to dinner. However, we have been told that we shouldn't count on it for too much longer because once October rolls around, the girls and I will be quarantined once again. I must admit, I am dreading this time of year. The girls will also begin to have to have monthly shots for RSV and we will have to go back into germ warfare again. At the end of this month, we will meet with a new pediatric ENT to see what he has to say about Cameron's ears and how much the hearing aids are assisting her ability to hear.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quick Update and Pics

The girls continue to do well. We had Reagan's 6 month check-up and in his words, "she is doing PHENOMENAL!" Reagan is already working on many skills that are up to par with her actual age (not just her adjusted age). She is actually on the chart weight wise for her adjusted age (she is only the third percentile but every little bit counts!). Reagan now weighs 13 pounds 5.5 oz. Unlike the previous vaccines she has been given, her shots did not seem to agree with her. She was quite cranky and ran a fever but was back to feeling like herself in no time.

Cameron has her check up this Wednesday. Cameron has just begun rolling over and can actually travel quite quickly. She loves to play on the floor with her sister. When they lay together it is so cute because inevitably Cameron starts to smile a really goofy smile at Reagan and Reagan starts to coo and talk in the cutest voice!

Here are a few of the latest pictures!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Finally Downloaded Some PIctures!

This summer has been a busy one. So, here are the highlights and some pictures of the girls. Aubrey is now 2 years old. Reagan and Cameron are growing like weeds and their muscles are getting stronger. Reagan can roll all over the place but she still hasn't figured that if she rolls somewhere and doesn't like it, she can roll back. Cameron isn't rolling yet but has gotten great head control...when she feels like it. Pretty much it has been a great summer so far! Thanks for continuing to keep our family in your prayers!

We found out that Aubrey loves tomatoes and will eat them whole - especially if you leave her unattended with an entire tomato - yes, she did eat an entire tomato!

Here is the birthday girl who has decided that icing makes everything taste better. Last year she wouldn't touch the cake...My my how things have changed.

Here is big sister Aubrey watching cartoons with Cameron. Cameron has found out that she doesn't need a pacifier...she can use her own two fingers. Cameron loves to watch tv - it is a little scary that she already notices it so much. We are trying to limit her exposure but we figured for the picture it was okay.
Can you tell them apart?

And here is Cameron again chomping on those fingers!!

Hearing Aid pictures. Cameron has really become so verbal. She loves to squeal and talk and laugh. She has the best belly laugh you have ever heard! She has also learned to blow rasberries. I haven't been able to catch in on camera yet but trust me. If you hear someone making odd sounds during church - chances are my two girls are the culprits!