Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Finally Downloaded Some PIctures!

This summer has been a busy one. So, here are the highlights and some pictures of the girls. Aubrey is now 2 years old. Reagan and Cameron are growing like weeds and their muscles are getting stronger. Reagan can roll all over the place but she still hasn't figured that if she rolls somewhere and doesn't like it, she can roll back. Cameron isn't rolling yet but has gotten great head control...when she feels like it. Pretty much it has been a great summer so far! Thanks for continuing to keep our family in your prayers!

We found out that Aubrey loves tomatoes and will eat them whole - especially if you leave her unattended with an entire tomato - yes, she did eat an entire tomato!

Here is the birthday girl who has decided that icing makes everything taste better. Last year she wouldn't touch the cake...My my how things have changed.

Here is big sister Aubrey watching cartoons with Cameron. Cameron has found out that she doesn't need a pacifier...she can use her own two fingers. Cameron loves to watch tv - it is a little scary that she already notices it so much. We are trying to limit her exposure but we figured for the picture it was okay.
Can you tell them apart?

And here is Cameron again chomping on those fingers!!

Hearing Aid pictures. Cameron has really become so verbal. She loves to squeal and talk and laugh. She has the best belly laugh you have ever heard! She has also learned to blow rasberries. I haven't been able to catch in on camera yet but trust me. If you hear someone making odd sounds during church - chances are my two girls are the culprits!


  1. Precious! 3 Precious little girls! =)

  2. Oh my goodness! I haven't been on here in awhile...I can't believe how much the girls have grown!! They are so precious! I'm so glad things are going well and that your summer has been great!! God is so good :)!

  3. I love these pictures - they are all so cute. I love Aubrey with the cake. She may be right about that - icing does seem like it would make everything taste better. Thank you for sharing these - you must be so happy and proud.