Friday, July 17, 2009

Hearing Aids and Progress Report

Well we officially have cute pink sparkly hearing aids now. I have a picture to post but I still have not gotten that little attachment for my camera until I get to my parents house to upload will have to wait. The minute Cameron got her hearing aids put in she started talking up a storm. She was smiling and talking more than I have ever heard her. However, once we got home...Seth and I realized that hearing aids are more complicated than we thought - she started to get feedback in her hearing aids. So, we checked with Duke and we are hoping that we have the problem fixed. Last night was one of the coolest nights ever - Reagan was already asleep and Cameron and I were just playing and talking - I would sing and she would coo back - it was unbelievable to think that my little girl can hear all that I say now. What a blessing. We go back in 2 weeks to have them check out her hearing aids one more time and then we are set to go.

Yesterday at the hospital the girls had their checkups. They saw the eye doctor and we found out the Cameron's hemorrhage is still in her eye - it does not appear to be causing any harm but it is still in her eye so we have to watch it. We also found out that Cameron is a little nearsighted and will probably eventually need glasses - which we already knew because it is in her genes to need glasses anyway! Reagan got her hearing checked yesterday and she has normal hearing. The girls were weighed and Reagan weighs 11 pounds 9 oz. and Cameron weighs 10 pounds even. They are doing so well and are finally able to be charted on the growth chart. Cameron is in the 3-5 % and Reagan is in the 10 - 25%. We are hoping that they will continue to grow appropriately. Cameron is officially off of the heart monitor. We are hoping that the company will be setting up an appointment soon to come and pick it up. Cameron did not get tested to see if she has outgrown her Adrenal Insufficiency (cortisol deficiency). They said that they assume that children need it for their first year and after that you discontinue the need for it. I have decided that the girls absolutely hate going to Duke. Every time...and I do mean every time, that we go to Duke one of them has a major accident. Yesterday it was Reagan's turn. She ruined her clothes and then proceeded to christen the doctor's office room twice while we were changing her! I guess that was her way of telling us that she was done with being at the hospital!

The girls got out for their first visit to church last Sunday. What a crazy but unbelievable day. The girls behaved so well! I was so excited at how well they did. We will see if they continue to do so well now that cameron can hear so much more of what is going on! We hope to be able to upload more pics soon. This month has been a good month and it is only getting better - Aubrey will turn 2 on the 31st! I can't believe that she is such a big girl!


  1. Praise the Lord! I can't wait to see Cameron with her new pink ear accessories! You are a good Mommy!

  2. oh Leslie!
    reading your post seriously brought me to tears! i am so happy for Camerson and i can't wait to see pictures! i am so happy prayers were answered and things are turning around for her. isn't it fun when one is sleeping and you get to devote more time to just one. i feel like my time is so stretched sometimes and that they aren't getting enough one on one attention! i will keep you all in my prayers :)