Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quick Update and Pics

The girls continue to do well. We had Reagan's 6 month check-up and in his words, "she is doing PHENOMENAL!" Reagan is already working on many skills that are up to par with her actual age (not just her adjusted age). She is actually on the chart weight wise for her adjusted age (she is only the third percentile but every little bit counts!). Reagan now weighs 13 pounds 5.5 oz. Unlike the previous vaccines she has been given, her shots did not seem to agree with her. She was quite cranky and ran a fever but was back to feeling like herself in no time.

Cameron has her check up this Wednesday. Cameron has just begun rolling over and can actually travel quite quickly. She loves to play on the floor with her sister. When they lay together it is so cute because inevitably Cameron starts to smile a really goofy smile at Reagan and Reagan starts to coo and talk in the cutest voice!

Here are a few of the latest pictures!


  1. i absolutely love this picture! Your girls are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! look they almost have little rolls on them! who would have thought from little 1 pound babies :)

  2. this is just a random question but why do you have their 6 month checkups seperately? is it just cause its easier? cause taking my girls to their 4 month check up together was a nightmare!!! lol

  3. this is so precious - how proud their daddy is (and he should be). you have 3 beautiful girls:) Thinking of you and love you