Saturday, August 29, 2009


Well, I am not sure how many of you are still out there reading...but I thought I would post this anyway just in case! I stand amazed even now at how many people I have run into lately that have told me that they were following the blog...what? These were not necessarily people that we are close personal friends with or have even really seen in the last couple of years. My first reaction is shock (hence the what? that I wrote earlier) and then my second reaction is amazement. I am amazed at how God would bring so many people together to pray for my children, for my family, and for me. I am amazed at the faithfulness of God's people to cry out on our behalf for our children and their precious lives. I am amazed at how encouraged I feel deep down in places that I never knew has been you, all of you, that have increased my faith...not because we have a happy ending (even though I am so thankful that we have) but because I have learned more about God, His Power, His Love, and what it means to belong to His family. I feel more challenged in my walk with the Lord than ever before to be what you have been to me to someone else. So, thank you all. I know it sounds sappy but I just really felt a need to say it and I wanted to do it in one big thank you note. (Sorry I have been so slack about writing the thank yous be honest at some point I lost track of who I had written to and who I haven't.).

Since I am writing I thought I would post a quick update. The girls are going great. We are going through big changes in the Carter house. Aubrey is starting at a new preschool and will only be gone for three mornings a week. The rest of the time, she will be at home with the rest of the girls. Cameron goes on Monday to UNC to her new ENT. The girls are doing some better with their reflux...but to be honest..this changes like the wind. Reagan has begun to eat rice cereal with a spoon and will be working her way to starting with real baby food. The girls are really getting lots of personality - Cameron spunky as ever has decided that her hearing aids are good to chew on and so I have to watch her constantly. The girls really enjoy being with each other. If they get cranky, all I have to do is lay them down next to each other and they love to play with each other, hit or kick each other, roll over onto each other...just the other day I caught Cameron picking Reagan's nose! The girls have decided that sleeping through the night is not for them for now... hopefully they will decide to do so before too long! Cameron had her checkup at Duke for her eyes...her hemorrhage is resolving itself and they will fit her for glasses in January (just in case they said?). I am still trying to imagine hearing aids and glasses together...we will definitely have to make sure that they are color coordinated! Here are a few shots from the last few days at the Carter household.

First two, Reagan - not sure about the rice cereal but definitely loves this whole new toy called a spoon that flies right into her mouth...the natural place for everything to go!

Third- Cameron after having just been caught chewing on her hearing aids and also wondering why Reagan gets to have all the fun with the food...she gets to start soon!


  1. Rachel and I were talking after lunch today about your girls and what might have been had it not been for your faith and the prayers of many. God has richly blessed those of us who have followed your journey and we continue to count it joy to lift you in prayer and thanksgiving!

  2. I'm still here! Love the updates. Keep them coming. I guess when they graduated from college you can quit.

  3. Leslie,
    I'm Mary Ann and I'm one of those you never knew about following the Blog. I met you when you were younger--I was a friend of your moms. Your Aunt Betty told me about this blog when the twins were born. Just want you to know that FBC of Punta Gorda Florida has people praying for your family!

  4. We are still here. Your updates, pictures, and the journey overall have really touched my heart (and continue to do so). I am so happy that we have been able to take part in this. You are still in our prayers - it is truly amazing what God can do. We love you! Angel and Chris