Friday, September 11, 2009

Quick Prayer Request

Hello all! Hope you are doing well. Cameron's procedure at Chapel Hill has been scheduled. This next Wednesday, she will go into the hospital to be sedated and to have a repeat ABR (hearing test) done. While she is sedated, they will go ahead and check to see if her ears have too much fluid and give her tubes. They will also redo her ear molds. I do not know all of the details but I have a pretty strong feeling that Cameron will be intubated again for this procedure...which makes this former NICU mama cringe...I had hoped that her days of that were over. Of course anesthesia and procedures all have risks of their own. Please keep Cameron in your prayers, that she would remain safe and that the procedure would help to even further get understanding into her hearing. She has never had a procedure at Chapel Hill, although they come highly recommended, so I admit I am a little apprehensive. I will update you as soon as we are home from the hospital. If you think about it, we have to be there at 1 and the procedure begins at 2:30.

Thanks again for being so faithful!

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  1. Leslie something kept telling me to check your blog this morning...I haven't checked in awhile b/c things have been so crazy with my 10 month olds crawling and trying to walk....they are getting into everything :)!! I will pray for your little Cameron and your family. I pray for the doctor's hands and that they will find more understanding about her hearing. I pray that God gives you peace and strength during this time. Hope you all are doing well! Would love to meet those precious girls one day!