Monday, August 17, 2009

What the Future Holds

Things are busy, busy, busy here at the Carter house. We are beginning speech language services with Cameron - the services are more for Seth and I than Cameron. They are coming to teach us how to teach her. Both girls are growing well and are eating well. We still have lots of reflux issues but compared to what we had a few months ago, they are doing phenomenal. Both girls are rolling over now and we are now working on sitting up.

Reagan now weighs 13.5 pounds and Cameron weighs 11 pounds. It is crazy to stop and think about all their similarities and differences. Right now the girls love to play a game where when it is time to sleep - one will sack out and the other will throw a fit and stay awake. They trade places like that all day! Reagan is the chatterbox who loves to coo sweetly. However, don't let the sweet coos fool you, she is also the one who will scream at the top of her lungs if she is not happy...and if she is, she squeals at the top of her lungs! Cameron is the quiet one but also, don't let the quietness fool you. I have this theory that she is thinking up all sorts of mischevious little plots because even though she is sitting quietly, she is watching and she has this look that just looks like she is up to no good! She, too, has the sweetest coo you have ever heard when she wants to talk. She is also the giggler. Once she gets started, she can't stop and it is so contagious that you are laughing hysterically, too!

Seth and I have been enjoying the freedom of summer and being able to take the girls to church, the store, and occassionally out to dinner. However, we have been told that we shouldn't count on it for too much longer because once October rolls around, the girls and I will be quarantined once again. I must admit, I am dreading this time of year. The girls will also begin to have to have monthly shots for RSV and we will have to go back into germ warfare again. At the end of this month, we will meet with a new pediatric ENT to see what he has to say about Cameron's ears and how much the hearing aids are assisting her ability to hear.

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