Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cameron's Hearing Impaired Teacher...

is a miracle worker.  I was so unbelievably blessed today by watching her work with Cameron.  She had Cameron vocalizing sounds that almost sounded exactly like the real word - up.  Cameron kept saying u,u,u,u,u...which she has been known to do before but this just seemed so intentional.  She was so engaged.  She had her calling for a duck over and over again.  Cameron loves working with her teacher and all of her neat toys!

I also forgot to share that Cameron went back to Chapel Hill to see the Audiologist again.  This time they tested her left ear (her worst hearing ear) and they found that her hearing was actually better than expected.  Previously results had indicated that she had severe to profound hearing loss in that ear.  Last week they were seeing levels more consistent with just severe loss!  This is great news obviously!  Her hearing loss on both sides seems a little more similar than what we thought!!! 

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