Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dedication Day

Well at long last we dedicated the girls at church today...all three of them!  Dedicating means that we commit to praying for them and striving to be Godly parents and the church also commits to supporting us and praying for us as well.  Today was so it was also the anniversary of our first full day at home together as a family. 

It was beautiful, all the grandparents were there and other special friends were there...the girls had on special outfits and then...we were called up to the front of the church.  Now, while I do wish that I had video to show you, perhaps your imagination can give you an even better glance at this.  The girls were so excited to have, well let's call it an audience.  Aubrey wiggled and wiggled until she had to be held.  Once she was being held, Reagan kept pulling her hair.  And Cameron talked (VERY loudly) the entire much so it was hard to hear what the pastor was saying.  The good news is, the whole church had a great sense of humor about it (I have to admit, that it was definitely a funny sight...I am sure I would have thought it even funnier were it not my family).  The other good news is that I wouldn't change a thing...even though it didn't go perfectly I am okay with it.  We are not perfect and never have claimed to be.  The church got a honest to goodness real life picture of what our family is like and there is never a dull moment at our house.  And although in the moment I don't always remember it....I am so grateful for every precious moment.

Thank you so much to such a wonderful, supportive church family.  What an honor to share such a special day with all of you who have prayed so consistently for our family.  We love you.

By the way, later in the day, we were talking with Aubrey about how wiggly she was being and she told us that she was going to tell the whole church that she was sorry.  Now, that too would be a funny picture...we'll see if she remembers next Sunday!

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  1. Love it, Leslie! They are so cute, and I'm sure the whole church sees them for what they are... *Blessings From The Lord* and children. Children that young aren't quiet and don't understand circumstances like that. :) I'm sure everyone there was just joyful that they were HEALTHY and ABLE to be making that noise and being so rambunctious!! :) God has blessed you so much!