Saturday, April 3, 2010

Recap of the Last Week's Happenings

Well, of course, right after I set my new blogging goals...we end up with craziness here at the Carter house.  My poor kids have just been put through the ringer, illness wise and it finally caught up with Cameron.  After back to back illnesses she ended up in the hospital last weekend.  She was initially diagnosed with pneumonia and we were given breathing treatments to give her...they did not work well enough and so they had to admit her.  She could not keep up her oxygen levels on her own so they had to put her on a nasal cannula to assist her. 

She was admitted last Saturday and came home on Wednesday.  So, Seth spent the week with Cameron in the hospital.  Amongst all of this, Reagan also got sick and ended up with an ear infection.  After the first day or so, they told us that Cameron just had a virus and that it had to just run its course.  So, they gave her breathing treatments every four hours and steroids.  She has been diagnosed with some level of Reactive Airway Disease and so she now has to use a Flovent inhaler twice a day until the pediatrician deems that she does not need it any longer.

While we have been dealing with all this craziness though...Aubrey has been busy growing up!  She is potty trained...well not at night yet but during the day she has been amazing!  I am so proud of her!  She decided on this past Monday that she did not want to wear diapers any longer and she hasn't!  She has done amazingly! 

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