Friday, May 8, 2009

Hope from the Unexpected Places

Just a quick note. Last night I was standing in the checkout lane and picked up a People magazine to leaf through as I waited. Inside I found an article about micropreemies that were born at 25, 25, 27 weeks along. They weighed anywhere from a pound to 2 pounds. One of the overriding questions that I had and that I think others have is...what does the future hold for the girls because they were so premature? We were never quoted rates or given any specific diagnosis from the doctors (that may come later) but I have chosen to chalk that up to the fact that God was in control and chose my girls - He chose them for something unbelievable and He chose them to help teach me about Him, about love, and about hope. In this magazine it goes on to show how successful these preemies have become...athletic, intellectual, motivated and I have to say that I almost started crying right there in the store. What an amazing way for God to give me hope in one of the most unexpected places. Last night I was reminded of how God chose to show me the true meaning of Cameron's middle name - Hope. All through our journey in the hospital - both girls defied the odds and as a result, we chose hope and as we continue to go through the ups and downs of our first year together, I pray that we continue to choose hope. I realized that if we don't choose hope then we get bogged down by the little stuff, the stuff we cannot control, or the stuff that doesn't really matter and so I am thankful that God gave me a reminder - hope still remains. I find it funny that after all that we have been through, I still need to be reminded - guess that shows how stubborn I am.

Thank you all for your prayers. The girls go back for the first of many appointments at the hospital next Tuesday.


  1. Well said!

    What priceless little girls. Aubrey and strawberry pictures are my computer desktop for everyone to see when they come in the kitchen. And 'Copy' and 'Paste' are on the fridge!

  2. I had to go out and find this article. So inspiring and spirit lifting. Thanks for sharing it! Those micro-preemies have become such awesome young adults. I expect the very same thing for our girls!!!! Can't wait for all the milestones!

  3. I read the article too...It really does give us hope. I love your blog btw! Your girls are beautiful! That is all we can do is take one day at a time and do our best to help our micro preemies!