Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Am Amazed...

-at how many dirty clothes our girls can produce in one day
-at how many bottles we go through a day
-at how the girls can still gain weight considering how much comes back out
-at how I can clean the house and in less than an hour it looks as if a bomb has gone off
-at how one tiny baby can cry so loud and so hard for so long...just because she needs her pacifier back in her mouth
-at how quickly the girls and their abilities can change - yesterday Reagan only smiled in her sleep and today she will coo a little and smile the biggest smiles ever - Cameron is on the verge of following her sister
-at how much the hospital actually cost - the stacks of explanations of benefits is unbelievable - even more unbelievable are the numbers on those papers - thank goodness for insurance!
-at how much the girls can look so unbelievably different and yet so much alike
-at how beautiful of a sight it is to see my family together and loving on one another
-at how if I stop and let myself think about it - I still cry like a baby when I think of where we have come from and how blessed we are to have our little miracles

I am sure that the list will continue to go on but here is the newest update from the visit to the doctor this week.

Both girls are doing well. They saw the doctors and the physical therapist. Both girls are making good growth. Cameron had a renal ultrasound and still has one small kidney stone remaining. Both girls are now on the same formula. They have placed Cameron on Alimentum with her sister - they thought that the major specialty formula was not really giving the results they felt were necessary to continue on it. So, we have had an interesting couple of days adjusting.

The girls are doing so well they don't need to go back to the doctor for another couple of weeks but still this month we have an eye checkup and Cameron's recheck on her hearing.


  1. I love reading your blog. I always feel as if I am there with you as you paint a wonderful word picture. Not a pretty sight all the dirty diapers!! Ha ha!
    Praising God with you for these little miracles!

  2. A priceless "I'm amazed list"! Love you guys. Can't wait to finally hold ALL of the girls.

  3. Hi Leslie,
    I seriously could have written this list myself. I can totally relate to the house looking like a bomb went off lol!!!...and just think...only one child is mobile right now. I can't even imagine how bad it will get when the twins are crawling/walking lol!

    I have to add one to the list...I am amazed at how many times I use hand sanitizer or wash my hands in a day lol!!!