Thursday, May 21, 2009

Update from Doctors

Not much to report...sorry the posts have not been coming as often but life is very hectic here. Today is Seth's birthday and for his birthday he won a trip to the hospital for the girls checkup on their eyes. Reagan's look great and Cameron's also have no ROP...however, when the doctor was looking she kept saying "very interesting" - words you never like to hear from a doctor. Evidentally, Cameron has had a hemorrhage in her eye and we cannot seem to find the cause for it. The doctor said that it may have been the stress on her body with the formula change. She said it is not alarming right now, they are going to watch it but she just found it "interesting." That's us Carter's - never boring! Anyway, we have to go back now in two weeks and she will check it again. Cameron's hearing test is next Thursday - so we will be back and forth to Duke for three weeks in a row. Hopefully, all of it will end with clean bills of health.

Both girls have finally adjusted to the new formula. They both are great eaters right now (we are wondering if they are just really taking off or if they are hitting a growth spurt) and Seth and I cannot wait until next week when they have a weight check at the pediatrician. They have slept pretty well the last couple of days but I almost don't want to say anything to jinx it! They are both smiling and Reagan is really cooing and talking now. They are tracking things with their eyes some - which the doctor said might be a little delayed. She could not believe how loud Reagan's cry was - her exact words were "Wow! That's a big girl cry!" I just wanted to say - You're telling me - you should hear it at 2 in the morning!

All in all, life is going great for the Carter's right now. We are enjoying being one big happy family! Aubrey has been behaving really well and I have goals of potty training and moving to her big girl bed this summer - we will see if it actually happens. She kind of seems to be fighting me on the potty thing right now. That's okay...when she is ready! She is loving playing with friends, the sandbox, sliding, painting, and playdough. Right now, the messier the better!

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