Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Monitor

Oh, the monitor. From what I hear, you either love 'em of hate 'em. Well, to be honest, I pretty much hate it. ...and not because it goes off all the time either - because I hate having cords still attached to my baby. Don't get me wrong - I know it has a purpose and everything but that was one of the best things about bringing Reagan home was no machines or cords...just us and our baby. Cameron handles it pretty well...I think I am the one being a baby about it but every time we want to go somewhere we have to lug this box and these cords around. The monitor has only gone off twice for bradies and they were only a few seconds long - by the time we went to do something...she had resolved herself. I am praying for the doctors to be very pleased when we go to clinic on the 12th and that they will say "good more monitor."

The last few days have been full of craziness and add in a pretty big helping of sleeplessness and it makes for a fun time at the Carter house! We experienced taking the girls together to the doctor - NIGHTMARE!!! I definitely need more practice with that one. Reagan really seems to have gotten her days and nights straight and for a night or so I thought Cameron had too but... I just keep reminding myself how far Reagan has come since coming home from the hospital and Cameron is just still getting used to being at home. We are learning together what works. According to the pediatrician's scale on Wednesday: Reagan is weighing in at 6 lbs. 6 oz. (close to typical newborn size!!) and Cameron is 5 lbs. 9 oz.

Please pray that Cameron's weight gain will be as good as Reagan's has been. I pray that the comfort of being at home will be all she needed for a consistent weight gain...however, she spits up A LOT! and has been pretty cranky the last day or so, so I am hoping that the doctor will be pleased on Tuesday.

I am hoping to post some photos soon of the girls! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!


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  2. Hi Leslie! Just wanted to let you know that your family is still in our prayers and thoughts daily! I walked in the March of Dimes walk today with my inlaws and the twins and I thought so much about your much they have been through, how far they have come, and what a blessing it is to finally have them home! We will pray specifically that you get some much needed rest, that Cameron can come off of her monitor, and that both girls will continue to gain weight and be comfortable! You all hang in there and take care! God Bless!

  3. You all continue to be in my prayers daily also. I tell everybody, the girl who cuts my hair, etc., remember the twins I told you about, well they are home!!!!!!!

  4. hey Leslie
    its meghan from the momo site. i really need some advice right now.One of our girls Kyla is coming home tomorrow! i am beyond excited but i am SO scared. they were 27 weekers and are now 37 gestationally as of today. seriously in about 4 days it went from their primary nurse saying if they keep having bradys they might be here till their due date to now all of a sudden the dr. walks in today and says oh by the way Kyla is going home tomorrow and Avery probably the next day. i want them home more than anything but i feel like they are totally rushing it. both are coming home on oxygen which i am totally freaked out about. THe doctor continues to reassure me its cause they are in high altitude (we live in Colorado) i am just scared i am SO worried something will happen with no monitors especially at night!!! whats your advice since you had really early babies as well! thank you so much i know you are extremely busy (i also have a 3 year old at home ahhhh)
    my email address is

  5. Hey ya'll! I'm praying for you still! I hope that everything continues to go well!! I can't wait for some day our kids to play together...what fun that will and what a crowd!And when we get together, we'll make out kids clean our house or work in our yard, isn't that why we had kids? And just think, with 6 of them, how much work we can get out of all of them together...and don't forget about our farm commune (sp?)! I figure give them until our twins are 3, they'll be able to work then! :) ha ha! Take care you two! Can't wait for everyone to be healthy and strong immune systems and we can get together again! Love you all!

  6. Hey Carter Clan, I'm still praying for you and am so thankful for this blog. I got a little tickled when you talked about getting it all figured out. I have a funny feeling about the time you get it all figured out...with three girls...well...I'm thinking you will already be into something new to figure out. Enjoy!