Thursday, June 4, 2009

Apnea Monitor

Ah the monitor. I fear that it will be staying with us a bit longer than I wanted. For some reason in the past two weeks it has gone off for apnea and it hasn't done it since she has been home. I think that it is because Cameron is sleeping so soundly but I don't think the doctors will let her come off until they stop. Please pray that things would calm down and that she would be well enough for the doctors to take her off of the monitor or if that is not going to happen that we would see the cause for the apnea that she has been having! I can't help but wonder, though, how many of us have apnea episodes when we are in a deep sleep.

Cameron also has her eye appointment tomorrow to check on the hemorrage in her eye. I pray that it has healed up all on its own.

Thanks again for keeping our family in your prayers.


  1. Leslie
    i will keep your family in my prayers especially Cameron. They sent Avery home on a monitor (my request) and after about an hour it was so annoying i took her off and haven't put her back on yet. The nurses and doctors at our nicu said the same thing you were thinking. How many full term infants have bradys and apnea spells, but we don't know cause they are not monitored. i can almost garantee that my girls have both had a little apnea or maybe even a brady while eating (they still choke) but i don't know for sure. I have faith that it will get better and you can have both your babies tube and wire free. i still have one on oxygen so i feel ya with the hassle of it all!

  2. saw your blog on the momo website & thought I'd pop over. wow - what a journey eh? Sounds like your little ones are fighters! blessings,