Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our First Illness

Well, it has struck...we think. A few days ago I started sneezing and then my throat started to be a little sore. I had heard that strep was going I decided to run to urgent care and get a quick test...negative. But upon throat had red bumps that are symptomatic of strep throat. So, they are sending my test up to the lab and I am now on antibiotics. However, I cannot have any close contact with any of the girls for the next 24 hours - does anyone know how unbelievably difficult that is going to be??? Very! When they are crying, I can't fix it and it kills me. The good news is it is only 24 hours. The doctor said that it could just be allergies but because of the bumps we are going to do the medicine just in case. So, the plan is to sleep like crazy for the next 24 hours so that I can finally relieve Seth tomorrow night and let him sleep all night. I just pray that the girls do not get it! I am so scared because a) they are preemies and more at risk for illness and b) Cameron's immunity disorder. I pray that none of the family gets sick. We all depend on each other. Please keep us in your prayers. We go this Tuesday for Cameron's ENT appointment and to get fitted for her hearing aids.


  1. PRAYING FOR YOU!!!! Glad your doctor is being so proactive getting you on meds just in case. If its not one thing its another huh? Hope you are getting TONS of rest!!!

  2. Hope the doctor visits went well today. I'm praying for you and the girls. Hope you feel much better.

  3. Hey! Hope everything went great today! I am praying for you all! And I hope that you are all healthy and not sick! Praying for so much for ya'll that I can't even mention it all and some of it, I just ask God to meet your needs for those things I don't even know about! Hang in there! It does get easier! and ya'll are awesome parents and God much think so too or He wouldn't have blessed you so much! :) Love ya!