Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beginnings and Reflecting

Today we met with the Beginnings support person - a free service that is provided to parents of hearing impaired children whose sole purpose is to help parents to advocate for their child and to tell them about services that are available. Today we decided to go ahead and make a speech language referral for Cameron to be evaluated with her hearing aids. This will tell us her strengths and weaknesses. One of the things that he commented on was how well Cameron focuses and watches what you are doing when you are talking - he said that it was a very good skill and he was very impressed. In the meantime, Seth and I have a lot of praying to do as we will have to choose a form of communication for us to focus on using with Cameron. I have mixed feelings because I, of course, want for her to be able to learn to talk and produce normal speech sounds and for her hearing aids to help her to achieve as close to normal hearing as possible. However, realistically, I understand that there are times that she will not be able to have her hearing aids in...so we also, I feel, need to have an alternate plan.

Both girls are doing so well. Lately I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my pregnancy, the day the girls were born, our NICU experience and have been quite emotional when I let myself really think about all that we have been through. Not in an I feel sorry for myself kind of way but in an I stand in awe of God's mercy and goodness kind of way. I found myself thinking of these pictures and comparing then to now. I am so thankful for all of our blessings...but especially the three that are sleeping soundly even now as I am typing.

December 26th, 2008

May 2009


  1. I pray that God will show you the perfect path to take in regards to Cameron's communication!!!! I know he will guide you and no matter what you choose it will be the RIGHT thing for her. It will be so neat to see how her two sisters learn to communicate with her as well!!!!!

    I have not let myself really go there in yet in reflecting on my pregnancy, the emergent birth and the NICU journey. I blogged about it all but even now won't read all of that. I know when I do watch out...the flood gates are going to open!!! I am just starting baby books so I know I will be reflecting on it soon enough.

    It has been such a pleasure sharing this journey with you!!! I hope we are still talking when the girls are driving us crazy as teenagers!!!! Can you even imagine Prom, dating, etc! I think about it all the time when I am with my high school students lol!!!

  2. God just meant for our family to be witnesses of miracles!!!!

  3. THEY LOOK WONDERFUL!! Time is flying and will only keep on going so fast that in times we all want to go back to their younger days. The day of their wedding and wanting them to be back crawling, or the day they have their first child and wanting them to be back in grammer school. Everyday is going to be tough but we have the biggest support ever....He will guide you and give you all the support you will ever need! The communication component will forever be an obstacle you will face, just try to give them everything you have strength to offer. Several of the families I work with ALL second guess their decisions that they made for their children 2, 15, 30 years ago. Your girls are so wonderful and they have such fantastic parents and sister with deep affection and support, they will strive no matter what direction you take. I always give this to my families to remember..."Life is Hard by the Yard but a Cinch by the Inch".... Take it day by day...

  4. this brings tears to my eyes - tears of joy for the blessings you have and the progress has been made. i admire your strength and also am so happy to bear witness to God's mercy. It is truly amazing. We continue to pray for you and wish you the very best. We are here if you need anything at all.