Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tiny Blessings Getting Bigger

We are growing! Both girls are over 8 pounds (we will have exact weights on Friday) and Reagan is already outgrowing her NB size onesies. We are in size 1 diapers. I can't believe how much they are growing. But coolest of all is to see how much the girls change from week to week in their verbal and developmental milestones. Reagan is beginning to really laugh (not just in her sleep). Both girls are really starting to try to talk and show so much expression. They love to watch things and try to grab at toys. Cameron's visual skills are amazing. She will follow you wherever you go - she always wants to know what is going on. Reagan wants to sit up so bad. We will lay her down on a boppy pillow or lean her up on the couch and she spends the whole time pulling her head up and crunching trying to sit up. Both girls are doing well with head control. We have not been able to do as much tummy time as I would have liked because of the reflux but we have been slowly building more and more into their day. I am trying to get them to entertain each other by facing them together during tummy time. The reflux seems to be doing better but BEST OF ALL - THEY ARE FINALLY SLEEPING!!! Not just for a few minutes but real -6-7 hours sleeping. Okay...wait let me clarify - they did it once. I am not sure if it will continue or not but we will take it. They woke up so happy this morning and I firmly believe it was because they finally were beginning to feel rested.

We meet with the Beginnings people on Tuesday of next week to begin to hopefully line up therapies for Cameron. I am also hoping to find out more about our family learning sign language and about different communication options that we will have. I have been so blessed to be able to talk to so many parents with hearing impaired children that have given me so much encouragement and advice and invaluable information. Thank you to all of you.

This next month brings many milestones for our family including - a wedding anniversary, Aubrey turning two, and Cameron getting hearing aids. I am also praying that it will include Cameron being taken off of the heart monitor and finding out that she has outgrown her cortisol deficiency. Thank you again for all of your prayers and support for our family.


  1. What a wonderful report and great news on all their little accomplishments. When you think how they started out--WOW! God is at work!!!I am so excited to hear you guys are starting to get a few stretches of sleep. We were always told if you can just make it to 7 months, you can do it and you are almost there. So happy to hear all your news!!!

  2. ALL GREAT NEWS!! So great to hear!! Good luck with Beginnings, great program. They will have some resources for locations and ways to learn sign language as well. I'm not sure if she is still working there but check with Djenne Morris, she has a Deaf-Blind (he has some residual sight left) son who is soooo incredible in his skills. She is a great resource. If you would like, email me privately and I will send you her contact info. If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to email We can also help you hands-on learn sign language as well...So excited for you!!