Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Anticipated Visit

So, I started out today really tired because we had another 3 hour monitoring session. We finished at 12:30 last night. Today has been nonstop people in my room or phone calls - which was nice because it has made the day fly by. The major person who stopped by was one of the neonatologists from the NICU. I have been dreading this visit because I figured it would be a doom and gloom meeting where I would be quoted all sorts of horrible statistics and get really upset. After seeing the cords yesterday, I wasn't sure that I was ready for it.

To my surprise it was the exact opposite. It was such a positive visit and I was so thankful for her attitude and willingness to answer any questions that we had. The good news was that at Duke they consider viability at 23 weeks so we have been viable for a week more than we thought. I also found out that survival rates are way higher than what I had dreamed up in my head. She was very realistic but also very knowledgeable. She walked me through delivery and the ins and out of the NICU. She also said that one day when Seth can be here we can call in advance and go down for a tour of the NICU together. I thank God that He knew the kind of person that I needed to come into contact with today. She truly was an answer to prayer.

Afterwards, I was invited to a lunch with other antepardum patients (those of us who are on bedrest and stuff before having a baby). Three of us showed up for the lunch - some were not up to coming or could not due to doctors orders. Both of the other women were much further along than me but it was still an uplifting time and it made me feel somewhat normal.

That being said, today we still have more monitoring and stuff but I am so thankful for how much God has provided some much needed sanity today. He always knows exactly what we need when we need it - isn't God good?


  1. Hey Leslie!

    How cool is this...blogging from DUKE! I'm so glad that there so many things to be thankful for. This is great. Now I can see everyday what is going on with you.

    I wondered how you would be getting along without the adorable Aubrey and the 'Bless-ed Seth-ed'.

    Just know that you are precious and I'm thinking about you and the 'girls' everyday and praying as well.

    Have a wonderful rest of the day and sleep well tonight (do you get any sleep at Duke or is it like a regular hospital that keeps you up all the time?)

  2. FYI JEMS is Jane McCall Spivey....

  3. I am so glad we can keep up with your progess like this...thank you for sharing.

    I knew your intro to the NICU would go well. It is quite impressive!

    You are doing an awesome job...keep it up!

  4. I'm so glad you've created this blog! It will be great to keep up with your progress! Love to you all. Let me know if you have any needs I can take care of for you!