Friday, December 26, 2008

Our First Diaper Change

Well, today was our first day actually traveling to the nicu and seeing the girls. I am still healing and trying to get used to being at home. It was amazing to be at home with Aubrey last night. I was only away for a week and a half and it seems as if she grew by leaps and bounds since I was last at home. I called the NICU twice last night to check in on the girls - I had a hard time with knowing that I couldn't just wake up and go downstairs to check in on them at anytime. The nurses were very understanding.

Anyway, today was an amazing visit. We got to the NICU and both girls were doing great! They had really good nights. Reagan is no longer under the billi light for jaundice but we were told that she would probably end up going back on because that is typical behavior for preemies. She has been off of blood pressure medicine for a day now. So, today the nurse asked us which one of us would like to change Reagan's diaper - Seth quickly responded - "Leslie does!" So, I started on one of the most exciting and yet scariest moments of my life! Here is a picture of the first diaper change along with a new picture of Reagan. She is still on the CPAP machine but the nurse was doing her assessments when we took the picture. I think she looks like a miniature version of Seth!

Cameron is doing well. She is under the billi light still but her levels are getting lower. I like to call it her tanning bed. Today Seth and I sat just staring at her for the longest time and watched her stretch and move. She was so funny with her mask that she has to wear to cover her eyes. She loves to grab onto it and move it all around. She has had a much more uneventful day than yesterday - yesterday she had to have a PICC line put into her arm and the day before she had to have her breathing tube put back in. So, today she was just relaxing under the light. She is on less blood pressure medicine and her oxygen levels are great. Today she opened her eyes so big and we tried to get a picture of it but we couldn't get it in time. She does not appear to have a heart murmur (called a PDA). Reagan does right now but they are watching it. Here are a few pictures of Cameron - one under the billi light and the other is some shots she took while posing for her daddy!


  1. Before I read you last remarks I had looked at the picture of Reagan and told time that she looks just like Seth! Take care of yourself, Leslie.

    BTW, I have an 8 month old great nephew that was a preemie who weighed 2 lbs 3 oz at birth. He weighs 15 pounds now and it seems like they went through a lot of the same things as you guys, except there was only one baby.

    Call me if you need a babysitter for Aubrey next week. I'm off until Friday.


  2. Hey, you have no idea how many times I have checked your blog looking for a new message. I stay anxious to hear how they are doing, thanks for the updates and they look beautiful. They look so tiny and so precious. It is amazing how they really do look like Seth, I told Preston they did in the very first picture that you posted when they were born. Thanks again for the updates! I pray for them and you both so many times throughout the day. Take care!

  3. Hey Setharoni and Leslie,
    Just wanted yall to know that I am keeping yall in my prayers! I am so excited for you, but know that you probably don't even know which end is up right now. Loved your blog, Seth. I just love how God has grown you up! Just hang in there right now! You are in the trenches! Just claim His love, His peace and comfort and His faithfulness!!!! And yes, He is sooooo Good!
    Love yall,

  4. I'm so happy for you!! How exciting to do the every day care/needs for them!!! Wait till you give them a bath....which should be soon. I think Wyatt was about a week and half old when he got a bath. Scary at first but it's so weird how you get used to handling something so small and fragile. Take video of all of this....especially when you get to hold them for the first time. Hopefully you'll get to do some kangaroo care soon!!! Thanks for the updates. I check it all the time. J

  5. They are so beautiful!!! Can you believe how tiny those preemie diapers are! I still have one from the nicu. I can't believe Reagan is already on CPAP! That is awesome...does she know how old she is?! You two are doing a great job! Thanks for keeping us up to date

  6. Thanks for the update! We love the new pictures.How exciting that you changed a diaper!I love the "tanning bed",how funny!You are wonderful parents,your faith and rest in the Lord is speaking to all of us.Cameron and Reagan are already sharing God's love and glory.Tiny little missionaries! Love and Prayers! Dry Family

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  8. Love the pictures. Have they weighed them again? Jenni

  9. Your girls are beautiful! Congratulations on the newest additions to the Carter family! We love you guys and are praying for you all.

    Brian, Kelly, and Mia Clair Myers

  10. Carter Family, I got your blog address from Kelly Myers. She has been keeping me up to date but Sean and I have been praying for you guys. Please take care and rest in the arms of the Great Physician!
    Christal (Lewis) Giese