Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

Well, last night was a wonderful night. Seth came up to stay with me and we had such a wonderful night. It is amazing how much you come to depend on someone without knowing it. Just knowing that Seth was on the couch in the room, I slept better than I have since I came into the hospital.

Little did I know that I would need the rest later! Seth and I went on our NICU tour this morning and were able to get a look around what will more than likely be the first home of our babies. Modern medicine is amazing when you think about. The NICU here has 50 - 55 beds in it and it is almost always at capacity. We learned about visiting rules, different breathing aids, saw firsthand what our babies will possibly look like size wise and so much more.

After that we came back and I had my first NST of the day. Well, one of the babies had a deceleration today (the heartrate went the lowest that one of our babies has ever had to our knowledge) and so the doctors put me on continuous monitor. So, for the next six hours (making it seven total) I lay on my back (I was allowed to go to the bathroom twice and allowed to shift my weight some) while they tried to monitor the babies. I didn't get to have lunch. I have what Seth would call lupper (lunch and supper together) at 7 finally. I still have to have another NST tonight before I go to bed and I pray that this one will be very uneventful and that the babies will cooperate. Bless their hearts, they try to hide and kick the monitors off because they do not like it so I know that seven hours straight really agitated them.

Once again the doctors and nurses were so nice. And yes, we are here for this reason - if something was to happen - then we would need to be monitored. I told Seth tonight before he left that I was feeling a little discouraged because I really want to make it to 32 weeks and end up with 2 healthy babies. And with the ups and downs we have been having and we are only at 25 weeks - that seems so far off. He reminded me that things are not in my hands anymore. We just have to keep praying. Thank you for praying with us.


  1. We are visiting Geoff's family in VA this weekend, but love that we can keep tabs on you all even from here. Please know that we are praying for you, and your precious little ones. What a comfort to know that they are being "monitored" constantly by the Great Physician, even when they try to stay hidden from the drs at Duke. :-)

  2. We continue to pray for you throughout this journey. I am thankful God has placed you in the hands of a caring staff. Thanks for the updates. Hope today, Sunday, was easier for you and the babies.

  3. Hang in there!!!! You'll make it!!! Every day those babies are in there, they are growing even more. Remember that you've got an advantage by getting the steriods for their lungs and constant monitoring...Can't explain it but from the beginning, even when ya'll had the "not good" news, I felt like they would make it anyway! You told me one time that you didn't know how me and Brian handled all the stuff when Wyatt was born, but look at you now. You're going through it x2 & look how strong you are!!!! Be proud of yourself...I know you!!!! Thanks for the updates. Can't wait to see the girls, but I'll wait as long as it takes!! Any names yet?