Monday, December 15, 2008

Being Admitted

I figured I should post the hospital updates in a different spot. So, we were admitted to the hospital on Friday night. The doctors, residents, nurses ... everyone have been so nice. Right now I am having twice daily non stress tests to check the heart rates of the babies - a deceleration in the rate of one of the babies can indicate cord compression. I am also on modified bedrest which means I can move around the room, take a walk down the hall but other than that I have to be wheeled everywhere - which Aubrey my daughter loves because she gets to have rides on Mommy's lap. I have had my first round of steroid shots to help to promote the lung development in the girls.

Each day, with each new nurse, I hear that 24 weekers are notorious for being exceptionally difficult to find on the monitors because they still have so much room to move around. Also, we have been told that they are also notorious for having some serious heart rate variability due to their neurological development. I kind of took it with a grain of salt at first but after the first night it taking 3 hours to get both of the babies on the monitor I was pretty stressed. But I try to remember that the babies feel my stress so I try to stay calm and pray my way through the tests. So far that has helped. I was told today that around 27-28 weeks they begin to get to be a little easier to find and stay found on the monitors. If they have a lot of trouble then they will call a resident to come up with an ultrasound machine, use the ultrasound machine to locate the babies and make sure that they are okay and then they will try to hook the monitors back up to my belly and see if they can track the babies - which is still not always successful.

I guess that is about it for now. I will keep you posted as we have new tests and doctors today.

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