Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Miracles for Today

Today was a big day and upon arrival the nurse practitioner met me in the scrub room before I even entered the NICU. "I just wanted to prepare you for the changes that have happened since you were here last night." I was mortified but God gave me strength and she went on to say that they found that Cameron also has a PDA (a small one) and needed to take medicine for it. They also said that her x-rays and ultrasounds on her stomach were still looking suspicious so they wanted to do a berium enema (spelling?) to color things in her abdomen so they could get a better look at things. They would know this afternoon to get the results. On the positive side, Cameron's head ultrasound came back clear (no bleeds!).

She went on to say that Reagan had a tough night and morning and they had to put her back on the vent. Because they were busy with her procedure they had to wait on her ultrasound. So, we had to call back this afternoon. Reagan has had a much needed rest today on the vent and she is doing great. She takes her second dose of the medicine to hopefully close her PDA as well (hers is a small - moderate). Reagan will have another echo on Friday to see if the medication can work. Her last dose of medicine is tomorrow night. So far both girls blood cultures have been negative for infection and they will continue to watch those for about another day.

I spoke to the doctor and asked why some babies get to go home with their small PDA's and she said that those babies are much older in gestation and that with our babies, even a small PDA is significant.

This afternoon we called back to hear good news - Cameron does not have any anatomical obstructions in her bowels and it looks like some of the miconium (the baby's first bowel movement) seems to be stubborn. They are hoping that the enema will help to loosen it up. Reagan's head ultrasounds also came back normal.

I am so unbelievably amazed at how God has answered prayer today and even though I know that we are praying big things, He is a big God who is involved in all things big or small. I praise him so much for the positive things we have found out today. The continuing prayer requests are that God would allow for both girls' PDA's to be closed with medication. That infection cultures will continue to be negative. That Cameron's x-rays and ultrasounds would improve to continue to hopefully show that there is nothing else going on.


  1. saw your post on the momo site & thought I'd visit your blog. sounds like your girls are real fighters. I will keep them in my prayers & look forward to continued good news on their health. Keep your eyes on the prize.
    blessings on an amazing new year.

  2. Hang in there Chic and Daddy of Chics! :) I am checking in daily and praying continually- Glad for the good news today and hopeful for more to come- Confident in the provisions, plans and goodness of our God! You are all in the palm of His Hand! Loveto you all- Leanne

  3. I am so excited to hear good news! I'll continue to pray for both girls and both of you and Aubrey as well! Take care! Love you all! God is good!

  4. Good Morning Seth, Leslie, Aubrey, Reagan and Cameron! Mercy, this is such a path of faith and wonder as we watch and feel God working in the lives of these precious tiny girls, in you and Seth and Aubrey and those of us that are reading the updates and praying. Thank you for the good news and the things that we can pray for specifically. I check the blog first thing every morning. You are all precious. Never forget it.

  5. I am so excited that their head ultrasounds came back normal!!!! This is a huge victory! Praise God!