Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Journey So Far

Well, my husband, Seth, and I found out that we were expecting in July. Soon after that we were told that we had twins. We were elated. We went for our regular OB appointment at 10 weeks and we had an abnormal ultrasound. So we were referred out to see a specialist and some genetic testing to see if one of our babies had a chromosomal abnormality.

At the specialists office, we were diagnosed with momo twins. Monoamniotic and monochorionic which means that they share one placenta and are in the same sac with no dividing membrane. We were subsequently quoted that most MoMo twins have about a 50% survival rate. However, because one of our babies was showing lots of fluid on its spine and in its head, he felt that twin to twin transfusion was more the culprit of the fluid rather than a chromosomal issue because (since our girls are identical) they should both be showing the same chromosomal issues because they have the same genetic makeup. He told us that we would come back in two weeks and they more than likely would not be alive. We had a 15% chance that they would live.

We went back two weeks later and both babies were measuring almost exactly the same and all fluid had been absorbed! God had answered our prayers!

Since then, we have tried to do as much research as possible about MoMo twins but there is not a lot out there. We were told by all doctors that until you reach viability (24 weeks) there is nothing you can do to prevent any cord accidents. Cord accidents are the biggest risks that MoMos have because they can get tangled up and cut off each others life supply. This is not something that you (the mother) can feel and it can happen at any time. So, since our 10 week appointment we have been fervently praying to make it to viability.

We reached viability on December 11th. We were placed inpatient in the hospital on December 12th. Going into the hospital has been a hard decision because I have a daughter and a husband at home whom I love so much and hate to be away from them. Add to that all the holiday stuff that happens this time of year and I am missing out on quite a bit. However, when I look at the alternative - my girls are completely worth it - Did I mention we are having girls?

Anyway stay posted and I will keep everyone updated with updates from the hospital!

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