Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Rollercoaster

Well, what started out as what I thought would be a very boring day proved to be quite interesting! I actually slept well last night and was ready for a restful day. The nurse came in to put my on the monitor (for a non-stress test). During the first hour one of the babies had a deceleration and so the doctors called to say to keep me on for another hour. During the first part of that hour, the baby decelled again and so they called and said they may come up and get me to monitor me in labor and delivery but to keep me on in the meantime. Well, so another hour or so goes by and they still didn't come but the babies seemed to be doing better. Tonight the monitoring session went long as well. Once again today I was reminded that this is our purpose in being here. It was like affirmation from the Lord. I was also reminded in my Bible study today about one of the names of God - Protector. He is not only the protector of my girls but the creator of my girls. I could not ask for them to be in better hands - so when I get nervous I am trying to call on that name of God to give me strength so that I do not worry. I am also very blessed by having some amazing nurses! The one that I had tonight in particular was so loving and understanding and wanting to be sure that my mind was at ease about the babies.

I also got a wonderful surprise tonight. A friend that I met through an online support group about momo twins had her twins here yesterday and she and her husband asked me to come to the nicu to see their new baby girls. They were beautiful. I was so humbled by how large the nicu was and then yet again at how amazing that we have the medical knowledge to help so many babies in so many different capacities. As we walked through the nicu I saw so many teeny tiny feet and hands, it was unbelievable. I can't imagine having babies that small but realized tonight that that is exactly what we are praying for - for our babies to make it far enough to be 32 weeks and to be delivered healthy and safely. I can't even imagine how small they must be right now.

Well, it is time to try to get some sleep. My prayer is that not all days will be as eventful as this one and that we will get into somewhat of a groove. But should things not go that way, I am glad that we are here.

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