Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Big Day

Today was one of those days where almost nothing went as planned - ever have one of those days? To start off with, I started feeling icky yesterday and have continued to feel so today. This kept me away from my hospital visit that I was planning today. Also, though, it has me worried about bringing Cameron home because she has her whole cortisol issue. I may not have ever mentioned it but basically, if she gets really sick - I mean major sick, her body does not have enough of this stress hormone to deal with it - so we have to give her an injection if she ever gets majorly sick. So, obviously I am praying that I feel tons better by tomorrow or else I will have to just let Seth handle both girls all by himself!!! Ha ha! I will be sure to take pictures if that happens! We also found out that Cameron's brady yesterday has earned her a chance to come home on a monitor. I believe that she will just have to use it when she is eating but we will find out for sure tomorrow. The doctors still have to check with the surgeon to see if they want to do her hernia surgery before she leaves but I doubt that they will work to clear their OR schedule just for that. So, we will probably be back later for that. Seth and I will be busy trying to get everything ready to go and get Cameron and we should get to hospital around lunch time. Now that we are going to be trained on monitor usage and hernia care...I am not sure how long we will be there but hopefully by dinner time we will all be home together. Please pray that I will feel tons better and don't have to worry about getting any of my family sick. Also, please pray that Cameron makes a safe and smooth transition home. Stay tuned for some awesome pics of the Carter family together at last!

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  1. Seth needs to read this blog....i am sure if he knew the chances of 2 all by himself and Aubry he would be pumping you full of Vitamins! Maybe I should give him a call and let him know...

    Hope everything goes smoothly for you all. I know it was a blessing to have the moms helping you out yesterday, we have suckered my mom into coming back to us this week as well.