Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Things I Have Learned About Reagan Since Coming Home

Since coming home there are a few things I have learned about my daughter now that she lives with us and is with me 24/7.

1 - She loves her pacifier most of the time, except when she want to try to use her thumb...which she is slowly getting better and better at doing - see picture one.

2 - She loves relaxing with her Daddy. She loves just having him sit quietly and holding her.

3 - She has a red birthmark in between her big toe and her pointer toe and a regular birthmark on her foot and Cameron does not. So, if they ever try to pull a switcheroo on us we can say "Let us see your feet!"

4 - Before approaching check for the "stop hands" - you can see those in the second picture - those mean that she is either using the bathroom or that she is refluxing and her belly hurts. Beware, if it is that she went to the bathroom then watch out because she hates to have her diaper changed!

Just a few little tidbits from the Carter house and plenty more to come. Tomorrow - hopefully pics and little factoids about Cameron.


  1. I love the "stop hands"!! That is too cute! It looks like you all are adjusting well and Reagan is such a cutie! Cameron is too and I can't wait to see pictures of her too! Still praying for you all as you continue this journey!

  2. she looks happy to be home to me....

  3. Where are the pics of Reagan & Aubrey together? :) Glad that they are doing great. Miracle babies are the best!!! (Aubrey is too!!)

  4. so precious - she knows that she is right where she belongs. i love that she is already bonding with her daddy - it is so sweet!