Friday, April 10, 2009

Okay...So Mom Needs Photography Lessons

After many are the best of our Easter photos...I guess that there is a reason that people pay professionals to do these!

As you can tell, Cameron was very pleased to be posing for pictures today! Poor thing, she will kill me one day when she finds out that I posted pictures like this for all to see but I have to be fair and share pictures of both girls don't I? I owe her some beautiful pictures once she gets home - being at home allows for you to catch them when they are in the right mood, you know? Plus those plastic bassinetts are so cumbersome and hard to maneuver around!
Here is the latest. Right now as I write this, everyone in the house is asleep except me. For Reagan to be soundly sleeping and not grunting is a first for us in about a week. She has not been sleeping very soundly - which is common for preemies I hear but very difficult when the mom ears kick in and you hear every sound they make.

Cameron has officially made it through 2 straight shifts with no bradys or big throw ups (sorry I know that is gross). The rice cereal really seems to be doing the trick. They are continuing with the specialty formula for the next week but she has been chowing down like crazy the last 24 hours. She has eaten every 3 hours with several snacks as well....which shows because she is almost 4 lbs. 8 ounces tonight! She has gained 2 ounces the last 2 days. That rice cereal is really packing on the pounds not to mention a few extra meals a day can do that to a girl you know? I am so thankful for some relief for Cameron and some positive news for today. I pray that it will continue.


  1. Wow! I didn't realize how big Cameron was!!! I had to laugh at the 'grunting'. I was reminded of Wyatt grunting when he slept at home. Every time he did I woke up with the "mommy ears". We used to say he sounded like a billy goat! Hope to hear that Cameron continues to do well. Can't wait to be able to come see them. Happy Easter.

  2. the pictures are perfect, so don't worry. they are absolutely priceless. how special! it is great that you were able to do this with them. hang in there!