Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not so Fast

Well, I knew it sounded too good to be true. Yesterday both girls had some feeding issues with adding some formula in their milk. They just plain did not want to tolerate it. While Reagan seems to gag and spit up some, Cameron seems to want to toss her cookies everywhere (sorry couldn't think of a nicer way to put it...I think they call it emisis? in the hospital). So, long story short, Cameron can't come home yet. They don't want to send her home until they figure out the feeding thing for her. Today they are trying a different supplement called Alomentum I think and it is supposed to be gentler on her stomach. I have called the pediatrician today to see what he would like for me to do with Reagan as well. Reagan has been having a little bit of formula added to her milk for some time now and seems to tolerate that but if I add any more then she doesn't seem to like it. Ah well, I would rather us clear up these mysteries before both of them are home. On other news, Cam is only short one ounce to be at the weight requirement for coming home. Reagan has no retinopathy in one eye and in the other it seems to be going away quickly. She took her eye exam like a champ today. Last night Seth and I were able to actually get some decent sleep - Hallelujah! So, maybe we are getting into the groove of things. Aubrey is continuing to love on Reagan more and more and when she cries she will say "Don't cry Cameron" (yes she still calls Reagan Cameron but that is okay) and then she will say "paci?" for pacifier because she knows that Reagan likes her pacifier. It is very cute. However, I can't wait to see how confused Aubrey is when there are two babies here since every baby's name is Cameron it should be interesting!

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  1. My daughter had severe reflux as a baby the only formula she could tolerate was the Enfamil AR which is for reflux babies.