Friday, April 24, 2009


The longer this process goes, the more emotional I seem to get. I am reacting to all of our ups and downs emotionally - whereas before, I at least felt like I was able to keep it together somewhat. For example, tonight I called to check on Cameron and one of the nurses in the TCN that has worked a lot with Cameron in the past had her. I started crying and told her, "I really needed for you to have her tonight. You have no idea." She said that they had already been snuggling tonight and that the other baby she has is with their parents in the care by parent room so she and Cameron would be hanging out a lot tonight. I know that this is just what Cameron needs but it is also just what I need. The assurance of knowing that someone is caring for her tonight that loves her means the world to me. I know that all of the nurses care but sometimes you have a nurse that has really connected with your baby and that is very special.

Cameron had her first full feed tonight. She is only on tylenol for her surgery recovery and got her IV out tonight. She has been pretty irritable, but who wouldn't if they couldn't eat and had a board taped to their arm? So, I am hoping that now that she can eat that she will be happier. The newest plan is for Seth and I to go to the hospital on Monday to get trained to use the monitor that Cameron is going to come home on. Then, on Tuesday, we should hopefully be able to bring her home. All of this will happen only if Cameron does not have any episodes of apnea and brady together. It is my understanding that as long as she doesn't need any oxygen, she could brady and still come home. I am so ready for Cameron to come home, even in spite of the bradys. I am ready for us to all be home together.

Reagan has transferred over to a new formula well. She was doing really well on her new formula mixed with milk except her reflux really seems to be acting up. It burns her when she burps and she will wake up screaming an hour after she has eaten. You can hear her belly making noises and churning. We are hoping that an increase in her dose of Prilosec will give her some relief and help her to feel better. When her reflux isn't bothering her, it is amazing how peacefully she is sleeping. Today has been a tough day for her, she has really been hurting - she gets her new dose of meds tonight.

Please also continue to pray for Aubrey and her adjustment to all of the changes going on at home. She has just gotten used to having one sister at home and we are about to add another.


  1. Some times a good cry helps, So glad you are about to get your family together....
    -Would you call this a family reunion?
    =Will there be sweet potato pie, and fried chicken? and if so can I come?
    -I will bring a desert.
    -What time should I be there, is it outside or in?
    -Is it ok if I bring the kids and Deedie?
    -What about a freind?
    -I have a really nice freind named David.
    -He is a really nice guy.
    -Do you have any single friends that will be there too?
    -I have invited my parents...I figured you would not mond since you know them so well.
    -My father in law may come too, if he does will you make sure there are some wheat free options for lunch, he is allergic to wheat.
    -I will be glad to organize some field games and a Croquet match for the adults.
    -If there is anything we can help do to get ready for the reunion, please let Deedie know, as I am still on crutches and can't walk.
    -So really I would love to help, but just ask Deedie I am not really going to do anything to be perfectly honest.
    -Deedie doesn't know about me volunteering her to help but she will not mind.

  2. I have also set up this site where we can keep everyone informed about whats going on....

  3. Some times a good laugh is a great way to finish off a good Cry.....

    Love you guys...cant wait for the reunion pictures!!!

  4. Oh your special day has almost come -- hang in there a little longer. You will all be together soon. We are still praying for you and sending warm wishes your way. Love ya!

  5. Glad I am invited to the reunion!!!!!My son is crazy!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I have been with them for a week and out of touch but hope things work out for you all on Tues. I can only imagine how difficult things are with little ones at home and everything going on with Cameron, but hang in there and I am praying for you all daily. So glad you are blessed with special nurses who you know love Cameron. Hope next week your blog says "We are exhausted but we are all home." Thinking of you...

  6. We're getting excited for you! Hope to hear that tomorrow is DEF the day! Before long your memories of the NICU will be in pictures. I should be in Raleigh for 2 days when Laney is born (at least---you know how excited I am to meet that little one!) so if you need anything when she is here, give me a call. I can always give Aubrey a buddy to play with!!! Take care and we'll be checking the blog to see when the little one is home!