Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Food Issues

Another week - at least. I have put off writing this because...well, to be honest...it just bums me out more than I can say. I went to visit today to hear that Cameron has continued to get sick and had another brady today. The good news is that she is bringing herself out of them and not needing stimulation...the bad news is that they are now starting from scratch when it comes to her food. As of tonight they have now taken her off of all of mom's milk and formula and are giving her an elemental formula called Elacare. What that means is that it is made up of very simple elements - amino acids, simple sugars, etc. The doctor said that doing this helps to identify if Cameron has a milk protein allergy. She will have to be on this formual for at least a week. (Which means that Cameron will not be home in time for Easter) Then, they will be able to tell me if I have to start eliminating dairy from my diet to feed her or if we have to move on to specialty formula because she cannot handle it at all. I am still not sure what this means for Reagan as far as her food but it kind of seems like a waiting game. It could be that she too has this issue but it just wasn't diagnosed in the hospital. I did take a picture today of both girls and will post them tomorrow. Please pray for the girls and the whole food picture for them. I want for them to be able to eat and not hurt. I want for them to love to eat to help them grow. I can deal with spit up and messy clothes but I just pray that we can find a solution for their poor tummies to make them finally feel better. I am thankful that this was diagnosed in the hospital for Cameron and that we are not having to do all of this trial and error from home. We will let you know how things go.


  1. we can certainly feel your pain, I know Deedie can relate to what you are going through emotionally with the milk protein...praying...

  2. Good luck! I know how emotionally exhausting this all is, and you are right, it's just a waiting game. I am with you though, glad they are figuring this all out in the hospital! At least she's where she can get the best help if needed. Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest, she will be coming home soon and you need to be rested up for baby x 2! Looks like Elecare and Neocate are very similar...they are both amino acid based. I just looked it up online, looks like Elecare is cheaper than Neocate, and it seems to be the same thing. Have your doctor get in touch with a rep for Elecare if one doesn't already come by their office and have them drop off free samples for you. That is what our doctor has done for us, and now a rep for Neocate comes by our doctor's office and leaves us free samples (which are full size containers!! Yipee!!) Our doctor's office just gave us about 3 cans free ($126 worth!) Good luck with everything! I am praying for you and the girls tummies especially!! If you have any questions or anything, give me a call! Love ya!