Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Carter Hair Genes

So, all of the girls seem to have Seth's hair genes. Lots o cowlicks that make it very unruly. Here are just a few examples.

Cameron and Aubrey both love their do's thanks to their dad!!! Here are a few more photos...after some work on the hair.

Cameron has been eating like crazy today...maybe she will have some big weight gains because of it. They are checking to be sure that she does not have any infections in preparation for surgery on Thursday. Please continue to keep both girls in your prayers!


  1. Oh all your girls are soooo sweet!! Love the hair!! Cameron looks so big now....she looks great! I know you guys can't wait to have her home! Thanks for sharing the cute pics! We're still praying for the surgery on Thursday and for a safe and happy homecoming :)!

  2. I too am proud of the hair pics. Attaboy Seth.

  3. they are so adorable -- love the hairdos. What little cuties!