Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Frenzy

I will not take long because, well, to be honest I just got back from WalMart and have been working all day and need to go and degerm myself from all of the days activities. Seth went camping with the youth last night (they had a blast by the way) and Seth's mom was cool enough to stay over last night and help take care of Reagan so I could get some sleep. My mom also came over and they helped with cleaning, laundering and stuff to get ready for Cameron to come home. Although, I know she will never remember that the house was clean when she came home, I fully intend on reminding her of this fact when she is older and I have to come over to her house and it is a wreck - I will say "when you were a baby, I worked hard all day to get the house clean just for you..." you know the rest.

As I look toward next week, I have a number of feelings...the most is relief and thankfulness. I am so incrediby amazed at God's grace and how much He has chosen to bestow on our little family. I am so much in awe of how His hand has been at work in our lives these past four months. I can honestly say that when Seth and I first heard the stats when we were 10 weeks pregnant - 15% chance they will make it, then 50% chance, and now look at us! Just take a glance back at the pictures from December and then look at them today - aren't they amazing! Isn't God good! I know that our lives are forever changed - and not just because we now have three girls. I pray that we forever live our lives in light of the work that God has done in our lives and that when others come in contact with us that they can benefit - that God would allow for us to be used to help others. As thankful as I am for the NICU doctors and nurses, I cannot wait until their faces are not the ones that we see on a daily basis. I am so ready for us to have all this stuff figured out - not the parenting thing because I know that will never be figured out - but the feeding stuff mostly and then we can settle into the routine that will be the life of the Carter family.

Today as my Mom and I worked on putting together some meals for the freezer for those crazy days ahead, I realized that Seth and I are still going to need your prayers more than ever! Our life is about to get way more complicated and we are going to be challenged in ways that we have never realized before. I pray that I can be the Mom that these girls all deserve.

So, here is the plan (although as always, it could change) - Cameron is coming home Monday. We are to go and get her around lunch time. The doctor is double checking with the surgeon, though, to make sure they don't want to do her hernia surgery before she leaves...but more than likely we will have to come back when she is closer to 3 kg (not sure in pounds) and stay overnight for her surgery. She is eating more and more and seems to love this new formula that she is on - unfortunately, Reagan does not seem to love it....or any other formula for that matter - she is being very picky!

We are so excited that at this time in two days, the girls could be laying side by side together at last!


  1. You have blessed us through your blog as you have traveled this four month journey. Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed for specific prayer requests. I am praising God for the mighty work that He has done in your family. He will continue to use all of you in ways that none of us can even fathom. Can't wait to see pics of the babies laying side by side with big sister looking on! Can't wait to hear about Aubrey's reaction to TWO BABIES at home?!?!

  2. You touch everyone's lives with whom you come in contact with already. I am confident you will have no problem doing so in the future. I owe you an e-mail - will try to send later tonight. I am so happy and excited for all of you that the girls have come so far. They truly are a blessing (all 3 of your girls). Much love!