Monday, April 27, 2009

So far so good

So far no bradys or apneas which means....tomorrow is still on. I am holding my breath, though, because we have been here before. I pray that Cameron is just as ready as we are to have her home and that she is going to keep it all together. I am going today to get trained on the monitors and to visit with my baby and then tomorrow morning bright and early we are going to learn baby massage and then bring her home! The baby massage is not for pampering - even though we won't tell the girls is supposed to help them to stay organized and not get so overstimulated. They both are extremely sensitive to outside stimuli like light, sound, too much movement, etc. so this is supposed to help them chill out a bit.

Reagan had a tough day with feeding yesterday. Lots of spit ups out the nose and mouth. She choked on her medicine, lips started turning blue, and I got to use my cpr training and choking training from the hospital. Luckily I stayed calm and didn't freak out until after it was all over. Then I called Seth (sorry for those of you sitting near him who may have heard his phone in church yesterday) and started crying. Thank goodness the NICU trained us. Then, I went to visit Cameron with my parents and I was told, put her medicine in her milk...that is what we always do - I thought to myself - would have been nice to know that when she came home a month ago :). Oh well. We made it and are fine.

Aubrey has no clue what is coming tomorrow. I pray that she is just as excited about Cameron coming home as she was Reagan. She loves to help take care of Reagan and has been so loving. Every time she goes by her, she likes to kiss her on the head. She also loves to say that Reagan has stinky diapers - she thinks it is funny. Stay tuned and hopefully the next post will be pictures of Cameron's homecoming!


  1. Saw you called yesterday, but I was actually at work. Continuing to pray for a smooth transition having Cameron come home this week. How good God has been these past 4+ months! You guys know you can call if you ever need anything!

  2. Still praying for the Reunion!!!! I hope its a sweet and wonderful day for you all tomorrow.