Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today at the hospital we got some great news about the girls -

1. Both girls are fully regressed in regards to retinopathy. They do not have to be seen weekly anymore and can be seen monthly now. Hallelujah!

2. Reagan has gained to 5 lbs. 6 oz. and has made better progress than a lot of babies that they typically see in clinic when it comes to continuing to gain.

3. Cameron has now been over 24 hours without a brady that needs oxygen and she is not spitting up like she was. She is sleeping more soundly and seems to like her new feeding plan.

4. Cameron may be able to come home sooner than we thought but she will more than likely have to come home on a monitor...or at least that is on the table for discussion right now. We will see how the week goes and then we may be having some exciting news for the end of the week.

5. Reagan's reflux is significant but it is not getting in the way of her gaining weight so aside from medication...the only other thing we are going to do right now is try her on Cameron's formula to see if that reduces some of the spit up for her. This decision makes things easier as far as both girls being on the same formula but stinky on the pocketbook because it is pretty expensive!

All in all, it seems that things are looking good...just learning what to expect from our girls since we have never had preemies before. Thanks for your prayers.


  1. Hey Leslie and Seth. Just wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten about you. Mama was in a car accident and has been in hospital and I've been very busy, not getting online much. But anyways, Congratulations on bringing one baby home and it looks like the other is soon to come. Hallelujah!!!! Praise Jesus! I know yall are very busy right now. Just know I still pray for yall and love ya bunches. Would love to see the little ones one day. YooHoo

  2. Hi Leslie and Seth-

    This is Beth Donaldson Crosby- I grew up with Seth at Temple Baptist. I heard from my mom in Raleigh about the birth of your girls, and was linked to the blog on Facebook. I've been checking in on your posts every once in awhile, and my 4 year old son, husband, and I have been actively praying for them! They are gorgeous! We will continue to pray that God take care of them and that you will continue to get good news about them! God bless!

    Beth Crosby

  3. I am so happy to hear that things are being figured out. God is so good and doctors are a blessing! I am very thankful that someone out there realized that there are babies with special little tummy issues and they developed many formulas to satisfy our babies! Good luck and my continuous prayers are with you! If you need anything or have any questions about formulas and ways to pay for this expensive stuff, etc...give us a call, we've/we're been there and are there right now! We'd be glad to help you and give you some ideas! Take care you two! Love you both!