Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Plans for the Week

Get ready for Thursday or Friday.....Are you kidding me???? By this weekend my whole family could finally be at home together???? What great news! Both girls had surprisingly similar days today - in fact my report from home was about the same for Cameron at the NICU. Cameron is taking her carseat challenge test tonight and if she passes I guess we will find out soon which day is for sure. Tomorrow I take Reagan to Duke for her eye checkup. I pray that she will be retinopathy free. That's all for today!


  1. I'm so glad Cameron is doing well enough to possibly come home this week. It seems like forever but then it's gone by so fast. Pretty soon they'll be so big & walking & talking that your ups and downs at the NICU will be a memory!!! Can't wait to see them. Let us know when you're having visitors!

  2. You are about to reach circus status, this is the official name of all families with 3 kids. This best reflects your life soon. Circus is a great word and makes me think of fun so don't take that the wrong way, but someone has to clean up after the fun is over, and the animals leave, and I guess thats us. Welcome.....Welcome.....