Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ups and Downs

So, after Seth's shocking news last night about Reagan - my mind was reeling with all of our to do's that we still have to do! We then found out that Cameron has been having some desats last night - the first culprit is blood - but they checked her and her levels are fine. They are continuing to watch her today to see what is going on. Reagan's blood tests from yesterday came back fine and they are still waiting on a culture to see if she has an infection. But as it turns out Reagan is going to have another big day ahead of her. Her other eye is in need of laser surgery for ROP. They are beginning probably in about fifteen minutes - if you get a chance please say a little prayer for her. The doctor said that the eyes that have been lasered for both girls look good and he is watching carefully where they had developed the stage 3 ROP but so far so good. We should hear back around lunch to hear how the surgery went. Reagan has had quite a week so far. Hopefully it will begin to calm down. Please also pray for Cameron that whatever was causing her to desat would either just disappear or that they would be able to figure out what is causing it as well. We will keep you posted as we hear back!

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  1. prayed, and clean out a closet we are going to bring you a load real soon!