Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back In the Saddle

This morning at 5 am I called to check on the girls and heard that Reagan was doing better and had resumed all of her feedings through the NG tube but they decided not to feed her with the bottle because she was still so tired. Cameron woke up and they took her off of the ventilator straight to room air. She was doing great. She did have some tummy troubles and they ended up having to do a belly x-ray but that seems to be resolved now and they have resumed her feeds as of this afternoon. Cameron is still in the NICU but the doctors want for her to be back in the TCN as soon as possible. It may happen depends on bed space because there are a limited number of beds in the TCN. Both girls met with different therapists today and Cameron has grown quite a bit in the last week but was still pretty sleepy from her busy couple of days. I do not yet know how Reagan's went because her nurse has not been available when I have called today. I am hoping to hear soon.

The Lord willing, tomorrow should be the glorious day that both Mommy and Daddy get to go and hold and see the girls again after a long time away. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I have even been planning my outfit - as if it matters but that is how much I am aniticipating this visit. I pray that Aubrey will continue to feel well and that Seth and I would remain symptom free as well.


  1. How exciting for you both to get to see and hold the girls. They will have grown so much I am sure. Know they will be impressed with your choice of outfit!!!In fact, I saw an old college picture of Seth and P. today. P. had on one of Seth's shirts I think that he might have picked to wear tomorrow!!!! Pray that the girls will be back together soon and you get good eye reports. Have a wonderful Thursday.

  2. Whooo-hoo! You finally get to see your girls tomorrow! I'm anxious to hear all about your visit and see new picts of your family. Try to get some rest tonight. I know you're excited! Love you!