Thursday, March 19, 2009

Aubrey Meets The Girls

Today Aubrey couldn't go to daycare until late and so we decided this was the perfect time for Aubrey to see the girls. We primed her all morning and when we got to the hospital she looked scared to death. I scrubbed up and then Cameron's nurse and I held the girls up for Aubrey to see. She said, "Babies?" "Reagan, Cameron?" "C'mere Mama...babies?" She got so excited and smiled so big and wanted to touch them so badly. It was very cute. And right as Aubrey was talking Reagan opened her eyes and grinned at her. So, it was a fun morning for us. I don't know that she will remember it but at least we made the effort! And boy was it a lot of effort - but it was worth it.

Both girls are ravenously eating their bottles and making great strides. Cameron's nurse even said that she only took one feeding through the tube yesterday - she said that Cameron has just seemed to have taken off and she is now eating almost her entire feed through the bottle. Cameron is determined to catch up to Reagan. Both girls now have a reputation of making pigs of themselves - but we are fine with that! Reagan has to be on the antibiotics for seven days but good news - no head IV. They were able to get one after all in her hand.


  1. How precious! =) She's a great big sis! Hope you are all doing well.

  2. A video of today would have been a precious keepsake. Where's Bob when you need him? I am so excited for all of you, and am praying for the continued health and growth of the babies!

  3. my heart melts -- it is so sweet. Aubrey is so cute anyway. I am certain that she is proud to be the big sister.