Sunday, March 29, 2009


We have officially been home with Reagan for 24 hours and I would say that we are all adjusting pretty well. Aubrey seems to like her little sister, but all the same I think we are dealing with some normal adjustment issues that anyone deals with when they welcome a new addition. When Reagan is awake, she runs into the room and yells - "Hey Reagan!" or "Hey Baby" and then says "Hold?" So, today I let her "help" mommy hold Reagan and she was so proud of herself. However, she has also been on super warp speed running around the house, tearing into things, and had some trouble with listening a bit - adjustment or just normal 20 month going on 2 behavior? Who knows but even still I look at her and tears come to my eyes sometimes when I realize how blessed we are to have not just one amazing daughter but three. Once things settle down a bit and we get into more of a routine I think she will be fine.

Reagan seems to be adjusting to life away from the NICU well, too. She (in my opinion) has not been crying nearly as much. This could also be due to the fact that they changed her reflux medication. She is sleeping well in between feedings - although sometimes she likes to sleep on Mommy or Daddy's chest instead of her bed - but for now I don't apologize one bit for it because for quite some time we didn't know if we would ever have the chance and I am going to savor every moment of it (even if we are spoiling her a bit). Seth and I have talked all day about how different life is without the monitors and wires. How much more peaceful life is without constantly glancing up to check to be sure that her heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, respiratory rate, and oxygenation are doing! I think that she definitely enjoys being away from the wires, too! Another awesome thing that has helped with our adjustments have been some of the amazing folks that we have had bring us dinner - THANK YOU!!! What a relief to not have to worry about cooking. Your generosity and thoughtfulness have definitely been well appreciated!

Tomorrow will be a busy day. Today while we adjusted to having Reagan home and Aubrey came home from Mimi and Papa's I stayed away from the NICU. My parents went to see Cameron and said that she is doing great!!! She ate 50 ccs with Papa today and they are working hard to fatten her up! The nurses at the NICU all love her and fight over who will get to be with her! Last night she gained about a half an ounce. They have now officially removed her NG tube and her temperature probe. Tomorrow I will drop Aubrey off at daycare and then head to the hospital for some special Cam and Mommy time. Then, I will rush home and later in the afternoon we will head to Reagan's first pediatric appointment.

This week is a big week for the girls as we have appointments and tests being run this week. I pray that all will continue to go well for them and that we will be finding out a specific day that we are to bring Cameron home!


  1. I love the continued updates! You are super Mama!

  2. and so it begins! your circus is almost complete. Glad to hear things are going well. Good luck this week! Praying for you.

  3. I am certainly praying for you, Seth, Aubrey, Reagan and Cameron! I am praying that Cameron will soon come home and join the rest of you! Good luck! I am very happy for you! You are blessed! God is good!