Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Eye Update

Well, tonight at 6:00 we got a phone call from the pediatric opthamologist and he had good news! The goal was for their eyes to remain the same - meaning that the ROP had not progressed. He said that Cameron's eyes are already showing marked improvement and that Reagan's eyes had not progressed. I am continuing to pray for even more improvement the next week.

Today was a hectic day with a very short visit with the girls but here is what has been happening - Cameron drank from a bottle for the first time!!! YEAH! She is working hard to catch up with Reagan. Cameron drank 10 mLs on her first try with a bottle! Today, Reagan drank 20 mLs for one feeding and then 5 for the next. Her nurse said that she was very agitated with the eye exam today and took a long time to calm down so that really wore her out. It turns out that 11 o'clock is her very alert feeding time and that tends to be when she performs the best! Reagan's heart rate has been pretty high, so they did some bloodwork and saw that her hematocrit was a little low and also that she was low on her iron. They are giving her iron starting tonight and going to check her "crit" again later to see if she still shows signs of needing a blood transfusion. Thursday seems to be the day that they are working to try to get Reagan out of the isolette - I hope that all this mess with the transfusion won't mess things up. They say that the older the girls get, the less transfusions they will need because their body will be more proficient at replacing the blood cells and making blood (I think that is right - some of this medical stuff runs together) but I guess Reagan isn't quite there yet.

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