Friday, March 6, 2009

Feels like I'm a Mom

8:00 am was an early appointment today - too early. How I previous got up to go to work every day at 5:30 I have no idea. Now, it seems as if my eyes will not even open before 7 after being up throughout the night! Anyway, Reagan was sleepy too so we just played together today. Today I was taught how to take the girls in and out of the incubator, I changed her diaper, practiced nursing her, swaddled her, and made more appointments to meet with the OT and Speech therapist to work on bottle feeding with the girls. Apparantly a year's worth of practice with Aubrey did not teach me is a whole new ball game with the girls. Cameron was supposed to work with the OT today on bottle feeding and both girls get to practice feeding with Mommy this weekend and on Monday. Today I feel so empowered. I can't shake this feeling. I actually feel like I might learn how to do all this. I still don't have pictures - when I have my hands full with a baby I can't take pictures too. I will have to remember to ask the nurses to take pictures for me...or see if I can schedule appointments when Seth can go too. I am hoping that in a few weeks we will be able to bring Aubrey to the hospital and let her finally see the girls through the window at the TCN. I met the docs on the team for the TCN today and I really like them. They are adding more to Cameron's milk - or rocket fuel as they like to call it. Hopefully we will see the difference in her weight over the next few days. Cameron got to sit with her Papa today and she loved having him talk to her and rub her head. I guess that is all for today. I have to be at the hospital tomorrow morning to work with the OT so I should have more for you then!

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  1. Don't feel bad about not getting much in the girls---feeding preemies is sooo difficult. I was just like you! The nurses could get 3-4 times what I could get in my boys. I had no idea a bottle feed would be so difficult. It gets better. You'll get tired of hearing "chin support, remember chin support!" I am so glad that you are at this point! Feeding and growing is what we've all been praying for and now that's where your girls are :)