Sunday, March 1, 2009

We are All Tired!

Poor Aubrey had a rough night sleeping last night and had very high fevers of around 103 or so for most of the night. She would wake up sweating and then wake up cold. This is another new lesson in being a mom - because I have never had to do this before with her and it is so hard because you are virtually helpless - which we have felt a lot lately both with our baby at home and our ones in the NICU. So, last night the girls both gained weight - Cameron 2 ounces and Reagan 1. So I believe that puts them at 2 lbs. 14 oz. and 2 lbs. 6 ounces. This was a very big gain for Cameron and they think it might be a fluke so they told us to wait until tonight's weigh in before we count on that big of a number. Cameron was placed back on the nasal cannula last night as well - I guess she needed a little rest as well. Her heart rate has gone down a little bit since they have done that as well. The nurse last night said that Cameron is not showing signs of dehydration - which is also good. Reagan was very sleepy last night as well and did not want to wake up and bottle feed last night - she only drank 4 mL of a bottle last night and did not seem into it I guess.

So, I guess by all accounts each of the Carter girls are pooped! They are all tired and needing some rest right now. I hope that the girls will perk up some today. Seth has had to take milk out again so that they don't run out in the big snow storm they are calling for today! We'll see if it actually happens. But we would prefer that the girls get mom's milk not donor milk - so off to the hospital he has gone. The nurse said that she would try to hold the girls up for Seth so he can see them since he cannot go in now because of Aubrey's fever. I am hoping that they might be able to do that for us for Aubrey one day soon so she can finally see her baby sisters. Yesterday I asked the nurse if they were the smallest babies in the TCN and she said yes they were the smallest that she knew of. But she also said that they are perfect TCN babies - they are doing all that they should be...they just happen to be really small.

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  1. Praying for warm weather and no SICKNESS! Must be something in the water down there!