Tuesday, March 31, 2009


As it turns out, we now have two babies that have been diagnosed with reflux and interestingly enough their pH's are exactly the same. They have started Cameron on zantac but she, too, had a gastric pH starting out of a 1 - (with a 4 or above being normal). Today I went up to the hospital to visit with Cameron and she was scheduled to meet with the OT today and if all went well...they were going to probably dismiss her from therapy! Talk about progress! They did a lot of bloodwork on Cameron today. Also today I saw more similarities between Cameron and Reagan in their disposition but to be honest I think it was due to the reflux more than anything.

Reagan had her first visit with the pediatrician today and it went well. According to the scale she has gained 5 ounces since she came home! Today her poor belly has been rumbling and grumbling and as to be expected she hasn't been as crazy about eating today because of it. Reagan got her first bath at home tonight and now she smells like a bed of roses (I love baby smell even if it doesn't last very long!).

So, the girls weights are as follows - Reagan 4 lbs. 6.5 oz. and Cameron 3 lbs. 13 oz. Either tomorrow or Wednesday I am going to take Cameron's carseat up to the hospital for her to take her carseat test. Reagan gets her eyes checked on Wednesday.

One other cool twin thing - just called the NICU and both girls have been laying awake now for a while - Reagan here at home and Cam in the TCN - isn't it cool how they sometimes will still do things just alike?

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