Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spunky and Sweet

"Your girls are so sweet." "Your girls are beautiful" "They definitely have personality" "You wanna know which one of your girls has an attitude?"

All of these are comments from the nurses lately...and you know what? I love every bit of it! I eat it up! Of course I think they are beautiful because I am their mom but most of all I am so happy that they are healthy enough to be so spunky and to keep the nurses on their toes! Of course I say that now but when they are home and continuing to plot together to keep me running around like a chicken with its head cut off I may think differently!

Weight Update: Last night Reagan was around 3 lbs 9oz and Cameron was around 2 lbs 10oz. They are really growing. I know that Cameron maintained today but have not heard about Reagan yet.

This morning when I arrived at the TCN I was informed that Reagan had been very busy in the early morning and yanked out her NG tube ( I think that is what the tube in her nose is called that her food goes through). So, her nurse decided to bottle feed her for this feeding and then put her tube in. Reagan drank her entire feed through her bottle (which I believe is now at 33 mLs)! What a big girl! Then, when I got to her isolette Reagan had decided to play hide and seek and had wiggled her way all the way down to the bottom of her blanket that she was swaddled in - all you could see was a few hairs sticking up! After such a hard working morning she was not that interested in feeding with Mommy but that is okay. Tomorrow she gets to help Daddy learn how to bottle feed her. Cameron was sleeping so soundly and did not want to wake up to try to eat either. But, after a while she woke up and did the cutest thing - her eyes would meet mine and then she would smile the biggest grin - it melted my heart and made me cry. I do believe that is one of those mom moments that I will remember for the rest of my life - the first time she smiled at me. Could it have been gas? Maybe but I choose to believe that it was because she recognized her mom and was happy to see her. Of course afterward, she chose to show me that she loved me by dirtying her diaper (3 times!)- but that is beside the point!

Tomorrow is the big day for Reagan - they are supposed to try her out of the isolette! Her heart rate is still running pretty high and she is beginning to have quick desats despite giving her the iron. They are trying to hold out until Friday to see if she will need a transfusion but I hope all this hoopla will not get in the way of her transitioning out of the isolette. Reagan's nurse commented tonight to my dad that she really thinks that Reagan is really making great progress and I believe that Cameron has been taking notes because she has really been working hard, too!

I spoke with the physical therapist today and she said that the girls did really great on their initial assessments. She was going to examine them today outside of the isolette and then make a plan on skills to work on. I am eager to hear how their visit went and got some tips on ways to help the girls muscle tone improve and stay like it would have been had they continued to stay in utero.


  1. I love hearing how your girls are squirmy and wiggly and spunky! Perfect little Carter's! What a sweet moment you had with Cameron. I know mommy's heart just melted! We'll be in prayer about Reagan's transition and both of the girls as they continue with OT and PT. It is absolutely amazing to go back and look at some of the first pictures you posted compared to the recent ones. What beautiful little fighters you have! Love you guys!

  2. Hey! I have been trying to leave comments but have not been successful. I am so happy to hear how well they are doing! I don't think you are going to have to worry too much about muscle strength, sounds like they are wiggling around just fine! :) I believe too that she recognized her know I think they know a lot more early on than anyone can say, I certainly never thought those early on smiles were gas, gas doesn't feel that good! I am praying for their continued success in every way possible. They are so cute, very pretty little girls! I can't wait for our kiddos to get together and play, they'll have so much fun! Take care you two! I am still praying hard for your family, especially for your family to unite very soon!! God is good! Love you all!