Friday, March 27, 2009

Not Home Just Yet

Well, as you can tell by the title...Reagan is not home yet. Last night was a wonderful and yet bittersweet time. I found myself being very excited about the possibility of Reagan coming home and yet so unbelievably sad to be leaving Cameron. I am so thankful that she will not remember this. I told Seth that for some reason leaving one at the hospital is way harder than leaving them both because at least when they were both there they were together like twins should be. I often wonder if they even know that they are twins anymore because although they were together in the womb, they have now been apart for 86 days. Can you believe that they are 86 days old?

Anyway, last night Reagan continued to spit up and to be very uncomfortable during periods of the night. Aubrey hardly ever spit up so having a baby with reflux is a HUGE change! We did not get very much sleep and neither did Reagan. They did another gastric pH test this morning and found that they needed to put her on a stronger medicine so they have changed her meds. In doing so, they offered to have her stay tonight to watch her and for all of us to get some rest (I think the doctors took pity on us when she saw how exhausted we were!). So, tomorrow after Seth finishes with his basketball tournament, we will go to get Reagan from the hospital. And we were told today to expect Cameron within a week or so!

On the prayer request side - please pray for our family's transition to having the girls home, pray for Reagan's reflux - that it would be subsided by the medicine so that she can be comfortable (it is so hard to see her in so much constant pain...she hardly ever lays still and is constantly grunting and moving and curling up into a ball), please pray for Reagan's eyes - that they would continue to heal. Please also pray for Cameron - she is having a bunch of tests run this week...she failed a portion of her newborn screen and they are redoing it on Monday, that her hernia would either resolve itself or stay the same size, and she has also had a few bradys this week. They will not let her go home until she is brady free for a certain amount of time.

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  1. So glad to hear the update.Know you guys are exhausted but maybe tomorrow will be a better day for Reagan to come home. She is going to make a path for Cameron to follow hopefully within a week. Hard to believe you are going to finally be a family of five at home together. That is just wonderful and prayers answered. Those vehicles won't understand staying in the driveway!! I pray that Reagan will rest more comfortably tonight and for good tests results for both girls in the days ahead with the girls being reunited real soon at home with their big sister. My thoughts and prayers are with you.