Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feeding Time!

Last night Cameron decided she had had enough...enough of watching Reagan get to have all the fun! She decided that she was very hungry last night and ate 15 mLs all on her own. Then, this morning she decided that she wanted to do the same! Reagan also had a hungry night and ate her full bottle for the third time so far! They have now moved Reagan to being fed four times a day by bottle. Cameron has now had the order written by the doctors to have one feeding a day by bottle. But her nurse said that she went from nothing to being a pro because even though she only ate 15mLs - she did it in five minutes flat! Her nurse had to stop her and put the rest of the food through her tube because Cameron's belly is not used to having so much food in it so quickly. She usually gets a continuous feed for 2 hours. I expect that the doctors will be trying to switch her to being fed once every three hours (for an hour) soon to help her transition.

Reagan moved to her new home today. I plan on taking pictures of her home tomorrow. I just wanted to wait to be sure that it sticks before I celebrate too much! Today Reagan helped to teach Daddy how to feed her with the bottle and Daddy is a pro! She ate 30mLs out of 36. She did great! Then, she was so tired she took a nap against Daddy's shoulder. It was so sweet to watch Seth with the girls - he has such a calming effect over them! They are Daddy's girls already - which he loves. Seth has already decided that we need to invest in another rocking chair or glider because we both love to sit and rock with them - actually Seth loves to nap while holding the girls! He looks forward to visiting with the girls because not only does he get to visit with his precious angels but sometimes he gets a good nap, too!

Tomorrow they will be rechecking Reagan's iron and hematocrit levels to see if she will need to have a blood transfusion. When they have to have a blood transfusion she cannot be fed for 4 hours before, during the actual transfusion, and 4 hours afterward - which could be interesting since every three hours on the dot, Reagan begins to cry and throw a fit if her belly is not being filled in some way (they call it hunger cues!). It could be an interesting day tomorrow!


  1. Awesome, thinking about you guys makes me smile. Love you and still praying.

  2. Hi Leslie,
    My husband also loves the NICU nap lol! I can't do it with all the movement and the alarms but he holds the girls and is out in 5 minutes. They love laying on daddy. So glad your girls are doing so well!!!! Praying fo ya!

  3. Hey ya'll! I love it! I love hearing all about your beautiful, cute, tiny, precious little girls! And I do believe that Seth is a good girl daddy or God wouldn't have given him 3 baby girls! So I'm sure he's tickled that they love their daddy! I am so glad that they are BOTH eating so well from bottles! You go Cameron! That's awesome! I am certainly still praying for you and will be praying for Reagan to have a good day tomorrow as well as Cameron too! Take care you two! Seth don't break an ankle when the girls come home, it really complicates things! Just ask Preston! :) Love ya'll!